Decorate With Benjamin Moore’s Colour of 2017

December 22, 2016

Top 10 decor finds to nail Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Colour of the Year

By VITA Daily

It’s the time of year to look forward into design and assess what’s coming next. The major style publications and our favourite retailers are beginning to unveil future key looks and give us sneak peeks into what the upcoming trends are looking like. Most notably, Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Colour of the Year is setting the style stage for what colourways will be reigning our decor in the near future; Shadow – a saturated, moody take on an amethyst jewel tone – will be bringing a sultry, enigmatic vibe to our interiors, which offers an invitingly intimate shift from the bright, minimalist style we’re familiar with. I’ve rounded up my top ten decor finds in the city that embody the essence of Shadow. —Jennifer Scott

  • Rina Menardi, Low Bowl

    By VITA Daily

    Handmade in Italy by renown artist Rina Menardi, the Low Bowl reflects ancient finishing traditions that pay homage to the beginnings of the art of ceramics. Sizing up at 7.5”D by 10.5”H, this piece offers multi functionality while embodying the mood of Shadow. $400 at

  • Alpaca Double Blanket in Amethyst

    By VITA Daily

    While perfectly capturing the Colour of the Year for 2017, the Alpaca Double Blanket also represents fair-trade within the global community. Designed and produced by an Indigenous family in the Andean mountain range, it is made of 70% Alpaca fibres, which offers a hypoallergenic, water-repellant, lightweight product with a soft hand that gives cashmere a run for it’s money. $90 at

  • Avec Apartment Sofa in Como Bergamot

    By VITA Daily

    The mood of Shadow is beautifully rivalled by the luxurious velvet texture in the Avec Sofa. Created with small-space living in mind, this piece is designed to fit into the urban apartment, yet maintains big impact with style. Perfectly finished with brass legs, the Avec offers old world inspired glamour to modern design. $2199 at

  • 28d Lamp

    By VITA Daily

    The Bocci 28 series lamps create unique perspectives on silhouette with the manipulation of temperature and the direction of blown air. The 28d is a single sphere vessel with a crocheted flexible cable, designed to be placed on any surface from table to shelf to floor. I love how Angela Robinson Interior Design brought the 28d in a Shadow-inspired colourway to the lighting in this kids room, adding an artistic element to the playful space. For pricing visit,

  • “Break Pace” original artwork by Zoe Pawlak

    By VITA Daily

    As with all of Zoe’s works, the use of colour evokes emotion through her art; the saturated jewel tones are a beautiful way to introduce Shadow into your decor while gaining an original artwork. Break Pace is named after A Break in Pace, Zoë’s most recent figurative series of paintings; a very personal body of work. The ocean is significant to Zoë, having lived on both coasts of Canada, and Zoë’s collectors are often drawn to her work through this shared passion. $500 at

  • Queen West’ Neighbourhood Series candle by Vancouver Candle Co.

    By VITA Daily

    Vancouver Candle co. plays on the senses to create distinct scents for every neighbourhood they feature. Beloved within Vancouver for the nostalgic nods to some of our favourite areas within the city, the team has branched out to Toronto and now offers candles representative of some of the coolest hoods in the East. The Queen West edition is perfectly packaged to pair with the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year for 2017, adding the upcoming years hottest colour to your home in addition to the inviting scents. $38 at

  • “Lumenance” Throw Pillow by JOUE Design x Dana Mooney

    By VITA Daily

    ‘Lumenance’ represents one of two exclusive collaborations between boutique textile and accessories house, JOUE Design, and local artist, Dana Mooney. The collection is both luxurious and moody, bringing forward a sense of movement and intensity within the brush-stroke pattern and gold finishing texture. The muted take on a saturated colourway beautifully introduces Shadow into decor, both in palette and in feeling. $130 at

  • “Lizzy” Royal Purple Teapot

    By VITA Daily

    With a cheeky nod to Royalty, the ‘Lizzy’ (as in Queen Elizabeth) is a playful kitchen accessory that boldly embraces the shift toward purple introduced by Shadow. The traditional porcelain teapot is catapulted into modern decor with a chic silicone coating, adding both a bright pop of colour and a touchable texture. $23 at

  • Large Amethyst Geode

    By VITA Daily

    When colour palettes are derived from nature, it would be remiss to exclude the inspiration in it’s truest form.Shadow leans heavily into the Amethyst colourway, and this natural Amethyst geode portrays the full tonal spectrum within it’s details. Hailing from Rio Grand do Sol, this crystal is said to be 125 million years old; the growth patterns within the stone reflect stunning gem-like flowers making it one of the more unique pieces to be found. $975 at

  • Double Diamond Rug in Mauve

    By VITA Daily

    The global pattern of this wool/ cotton blend area rug creates a design statement that is enhanced by the Shadow-like colourway. Together, the pattern and palette create a sense of global glamour with an approachable twist on ancient traditions. Angela Robinson Interior Design brought the statement rug into a nursery to add a design-forward element of the colour trend of 2017. $128 – 1998 USD (based on size) at


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