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Spring Runner Roundup

April 17, 2017

Advanced warning: I am not a runner. Hence, I use the term in the title of this story somewhat loosely. What I am is a sneaker fanatic. Just like yoga pants, I have more pairs of kicks than my poor husband knows what to do with. And, each time spring rolls around, I inevitably add one or two more to my collection. So, without further adieu: my top footwear picks to fit the season, runners, sneakers and even a perfect all-weather outdoor shoe included. —Noa Nichol

spring sneakers

runner. If I do decide to go for a run any time soon, it’s definitely going to be in Reebok’s latest launch, the Zoku runner. Sleek, streamlined and starting at $140, this shoe is made using digital knitting technology that actually gives it a sock-like look and feel (check out the "cuff" poking out above the lace line) without sacrificing comfort and style.

spring sneakers

sneaker. This limited-edition shoe may not appeal to all Canadians, but it’s way too fantastic not to mention. A special collab between Nike and Nordstrom has yielded the Nike Air Max Vancouver sneaker, featuring orca, hockey stick and cherry blossom etchings, area-code authentification and a gold city nameplate for the ultimate in wearing your heart on your feet.

spring sneakers

creeper. We have both Puma and Rihanna to thank for this spring special: a chunky low-top that, unlike its predecessors, isn’t made in suede. In your choice of white or black "cracked" leather, this creeper boasts metallic detailing and a thick platform for a lift of at least an inch. And something to look forward to: a further stacked sole with a branded ankle strap for Fall 2017.

spring sneakers

rain sneaker. Two so-called "rain sneakers" by Cougar definitely deserve a place on this list. The waterproof Samba slip-on ($60) decked out in pineapples looks like a summer print canvas, while the Dash duck sneaker ($90) represents the absolute perfect marriage between a sneaker and duck boot. Quack.


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