CIEL Shoppe Q&A with Randa Salloum

April 2, 2019

We chatted with pop-up CIEL Shoppe creator Randa Salloum to discover her vision for the initative (happening April 20th and 21st at Little Mountain Shop in Vancouver and including vendors Harly Jae, Melissa Araujo, Sonya Lee, Woodlot, Kara Yoo and Maison Roshe) and what we can expect to find in her shopping bag! —Noa Nichol


How did you come up with this concept?

Throughout my time of working with small businesses I came to realize that their issue is not necessarily marketing but having customers experience their products. I’ve seen success with clothing sales that I’ve personally run so I thought that I could take the concept and apply it to small businesses. This pop-up is similiar to how other pop-ups may be executed but as a marketing profesional and an agency, we’ve coupled it with a marketing campaign to promote the individual brands and showcase their products to entice shoppers to come and experience them.


Was anyone else involved?

This event has truly been a team effort from other creatives. Ghazal Elhai has also partnered with Hana By Celsia to create a beautiful window display while Annaliesse Kelly of AK Design has designed the interior of the shop. Sophia Hsin has taken the beautiful portraits of our vendors and Dave O’Dowd of Energetic Collective has created the cool animations that you see on the @ShoppeCIEL feed.

ciel shoppe

How did you go about choosing the vendors? Any criteria?

Each vendor needed to have a mandate that was similiar to CIEL’s. We fuel empowerment and education while creating and sustaining community. We believe that products and services should be ethically executed and we strive to work with brands that are creating their own space in the industry. Each brand involved creates their products ethically and sustainably while using their platforms to empower, educate and build community.

ciel shoppe

What sets this apart from other pop-up shops or markets?

We’ve taken the ideas of markets and pop-ups and mixed the two together to create an intimate setting where you can meet the brand owners themselves. We believe that nobody can sell their brand better than the people behind them and this gives our shoppers a chance to connect not only with the item they choose but the person who created it.

ciel shoppe

What can shoppers expect?

You can expect to enter into an intimate setting and feel as though they’re hanging out with their friends! All of us involved place a lot of emphasis on building community so everyone is welcome, free of charge. You can expect to discover what’s new from local brands and fall in love with your new spring pieces!

ciel shoppe

What will we find in your shopping bag?!

Each brand involved is from a brand that I personally shop at so you can expect me to be purchasing from all of them!


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