5 Dining Table Trends for 2020

January 8, 2020

A fresh year (and decade) means new trends everywhere, including the dining room. Keeping your tabletop up to date is simple, even if you’re a décor newbie. We’ve rounded up the hottest dining table trends of 2020, giving you all the inspo needed to sip and sup your way into the new year in style. —Jeanine Gordon

table trends

eclectic décor. 2020 is all about embracing an exotic and playful tablescape. We love brightly coloured dishware, mixed textures and boho-inspired patterns. A a mish-mash of whimsical plates, table runners, placemats and serveware pieces in bold graphics or ethnic prints will make any dining table pop.

clear glass. Coloured glassware had its moment but, as we move into a new decade, we’re more interested in the sleek, airy look of clear glass. Whether you prefer contemporary glass or antique-style crystal pieces, the look of clear glasses and dishes is modern, clean and lets the other elements of your tabletop shine through.

vignette centrepieces. A vase of flowers is always lovely, but this year we’re thinking outside the box. Creating a small vignette of several items adds dimension and visual interest to your tablescape that goes beyond the basics. Try nestling a small candle, a potted succulent, an antique teacup or piece of fruit on a handmade tray or small wooden crate in the centre of your dining table. It’s easy to change up with the seasons and gives you a chance to inject a little personality alongside your plates.

natural elements. In 2020, faux has got to go. This year, artificial centrepieces, synthetic dishware or faux furniture finishes don’t hold a candle to natural materials. We love live plants adorning the table, genuine wood grain, handmade tableware, organic materials and décor elements like rattan, jute and bamboo. This look gives a nod to Mother Nature and our increasing focus on sustainability and nature in the home.

mismatched furniture. Gone are the days of buying a matching dining suite. For 2020 the look is more relaxed and less matchy-matchy. We love mixed wood stains as well as contrasting paint colours, finishes and styles. Add a bench along one side or an upholstered captain’s chair to the head of the table to give your dining area unique and more personal vibe.

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