Walk-In Closet Ideas You’ll Love

April 27, 2020

Every woman dreams of having the kind of walk-in closet a Kardashian sister would be envious of, with discreet lighting, acres of storage and bespoke racks for designer shoe collections. Sadly, unless you are super-rich, your closet is probably lacking in at least one area, if not all of them! Read on for some design tips to help you elevate your walk-in closet and transform it into an Instagram sensation.


work with your closet. Look at the shape of your walk-in closet and decide what suits it best in terms of storage and décor. U-shaped closets open from one room only whereas galley-style closets are typically accessible from two rooms, such as adjoining bedrooms if you have teenagers. Take note if you use your closet for other things, such as sewing. For example, if you make your own clothes, leave enough room for a mannequin. Adjustable mannequins for sewing don’t take up much space so it should be easy to designate a corner for one in your walk-in closet.

figure out your storage needs. Draw up a list of your clothing, shoes, accessories, and anything else you usually store in your closet. The aim here is to maximize the amount of space you have, so you need to know how much storage to create. If you have tonnes of shoes, for example, but not so many hanging garments, rails are less important than shoe storage racks. The right type of storage is very important. Fitted cupboards work best in walk-in closets, although you can use standalone pieces if you would rather have a more flexible space. Choose furniture that matches your existing style, to create a more cohesive design. Greys, whites and sliver are all super stylish. Create a range of storage options for hanging garments, shoes, accessories and suitcases. If you have enough room, a central island unit for purses, jewelry and other smaller items is a nice touch. Don’t forget to make shoe storage areas large enough for shoes to remain in boxes if necessary. After all, designer shoes must be stored correctly, or they might sustain damage! The best type of storage is made to measure by an expert. If you have a large enough budget, contact some local craftsmen and ask them to quote for a design that meets your exact specifications.

let the light shine in. Closets rarely have external windows, so good lighting is crucial. LEDs are the best type of lighting, as LEDs produce no heat when on and last for years without needing to be replaced. Ask an electrician to install spotlights and add some lighting inside cupboards and along the kickboards. If you want to create a stylish ambiance, try coloured lighting in key areas, for the "wow" factor. You might also wish to add a statement light in your closet if there is sufficient room and the ceiling is high enough. A lavish glass chandelier hanging in the centre of the room is sure to look amazing on your Instagram feed.

paint colour wonderful. Neutral colours are modern and tasteful. Soft greys, beiges, with dark accents and plenty of creams. Go for colours that match your bedroom. For a man’s closet, navy and gray are ideal, but if you want a more feminine touch, pale pink, lavender and soft baby blue will look lovely.

mirrors make magic. Mirrors are an essential accessory in a walk-in closet. You need to have plenty of mirrors so you can check your look, take selfies, and make the room appear more spacious. Choose mirrors that fit your overall decorative style. For a modern vibe, floor-to-ceiling mirror panels will look fabulous, but for a more traditional look, decorative mirrors are perfect.

Once you have finished your walk-in closet, move everything back in and take lots of photos for your Instagram feed. You have officially earned bragging rights!

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