Mobile Meditation: The Best Apps for Managing Anxiety

May 27, 2020

Let’s be honest—the stress that comes from social distancing and trying to manage daily life during a pandemic is no joke. For many of us, anxiety levels are high and we’re feeling worried, nervous and filled with uncertainty. What’s a girl got to do to keep her cool? In a word: meditation. We’ve rounded up the best meditation apps that you can download to your phone to help you find your om. —Jeanine Gordon


insight timer. Right off the bat, we love that Insight Timer is completely free with no membership required. Use this app to get into a peaceful mindset through its thousands of guided meditations that teach you some popular techniques like loving-kindness and body scans. You can also go freestyle, set the timer and do your own thing along with other uses around the world. If your kiddos are feeling a little high-strung these days too, there’s a section full of meditations created specifically for calming young minds.

calm. If you get bored easily, you’ll love the new Daily Calm meditation that’s offered each day in addition to the huge library of guided meditations, music and bedtime stories. With meditations that range from 3-25 minutes, anyone can find something to suit their style, whether it’s a walking meditation or simple breathing exercises that bring you closer to finding inner peace.

headspace. Got a minute? Headspace will give you a crash course on how to get your first minute of meditation under your belt, making it perfect for beginners. Headspace is designed to teach you how to quiet your mind, and calm your thoughts with sleep music, white noise and even a collection of SOS meditations for those particularly panicked moments.

aura. Designed for busy people with limited time, Aura is the solution for those of us who are “too busy to meditate.” Three-minute meditations and 30-second anxiety-squashing sessions make it easy to get started, or choose from life coaching, nature sounds or music to help you chill out when you need it. If you’re prone to forgetting to relax, Aura lets you set reminders to take breaks and breathe throughout your day.

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