Green House

June 4, 2020

You can’t open a home-décor magazine without seeing lush greenery adorning the pages, or scroll your Instagram feed without spotting at least one potted plant edging its way into an influencer’s shot. It’s no secret—plants are one of today’s hottest interior trends. Why? For one thing, they’re easy: a décor novice’s best friend. Michelle Hodgson, owner of Blossom & Vine Floral Co., says, “Plants are fail-safe if you don’t have a keen eye for design. They bring life and personality to a room without the clutter of other décor items.”

plant life

But, beyond looking good, the love affair for so-called "plant parents" goes much deeper than appearance. Vancouver-based entrepreneur, influencer and plant-lover Christie Lohr says, “Plants really do bring a room to life and that creates a calm vibe for me,” while Hartley Rosen, owner of Figaro’s Garden, describes it as an innate human desire. “As a species we love to take care of things," he says. "It’s lovely and exciting to see your influence on a living object." Adds Lohr: "It feels good to take care of something and watching something grow. It can be therapeutic.”

Hodgson credits this emotional boost with house plants’ popularity today. “ There’s a mental aspect of decorating with plants. They add harmony and comfort. They make people feel good,” she says. And who doesn’t want that? If you’ve had bad luck with plants in the past and are hesitant to add greenery to your home, don’t fret—Rosen is a big believer that the concept of having a “black thumb” doesn’t exist. And Hodgson’s advice to plant owners is simple: “Be realistic in the amount of time you can put in. Think of your lifestyle—are you home a lot to care for your plants or do you need something low maintenance?”

plant life

Rosen recommends four types of plants that are easy for busy people to maintain without sacrificing style. His top picks include: the Snake plant, which grows upright and is good for placing on the floor; the ZZ plant, which is a popular choice for low-light conditions; the Pothos, a trailing vine that works well on a shelf or along a wall; and the Philodendron, whose glossy heart-shaped leaves simply look fantastic.

As fort what’s hot to pot, both Rosen and Hodgson say they’re seeing customers gravitating to species that add unique character to their space. According to Hodgson, “The rarer the better. People are playing with more unique varieties instead of one size fits all.” She adds, “Pass on anything that’s too tricky to care for. People want to enjoy the benefits of plants without fuss. There are no rules when it comes to using plants as décor. Work with what you love and lean into your esthetic.”

There you have it: plants are more than just one of today’s chicest décor trends, they’re a whole mood. “It’s an exciting time for plants,” Rosen says. We couldn’t agree more. —Jeanine Gordon

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