4 Patio Dining Tips

June 23, 2020

Canadians have been waiting for this moment—patio season. But, as we venture into post-pandemic territory, it’s important to make sure the appropriate safety precautions are taken into consideration. Here are some simple tips, courtesy of Massachusetts General Hospital, to stay safe while dining al fresco. —Vita Daily

patio season


 to mask or not to mask.   Like you would if you went to the grocery store, it is recommended to wear a mask to limit the chance of any spread of the infection. You will have to remove your mask when eating/drinking, but it is recommended to wear your mask for the remainder of your patio visit.

  how are you feeling?   It is critical to be very self-aware during this time. Be sure that you are feeling healthy when deciding to eat out, and if you are potentially vulnerable to the infection, you may reconsider running to a patio on the first day of reopening.

  bring your own PPE.   Make sure you’re travelling with the right equipment for sanitation such as hand sanitizer.

  o rder your apps with your main.  Make sure you order all items for your visit at once. This will make sure that the staff will limit the amount of back and forth service, helping sustain social distancing measures.


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