The Cool Side Of The Pillow

June 24, 2020

When a certain "face-forward" social media platform launched in the early 2000s, one of the first "groups" we joined was named, "I flip the pillow to the cool side several times a night." Luckily, pillows (and other sleep paraphernalia) have advanced to the point that our bedding does the cooling-down work for us. Now that summer is here, we’re turning to Casper, which has spent years studying the science of sleep and developed a number of products with cooling technology, to get a good night’s sleep despite the sticky weather. —Vita Daily


casper foam pillow. Offering contoured support with a uniquely squishable feel that hugs you back, this pillow (from $119) is constructed with three layers of premium foam—the supportive inner layer helps align your neck while plush outer layers offer blissful comfort—and helps keep you cool with an extra breathable knit cover and tiny channels that circulate air out and away.

casper humidity fighting duvet. Constructed with a unique combination of fluffy down, lightweight cotton and a layer of Merino Wool, which absorbs moisture and naturally regulates temperature, this duvet (from $400) provides unmatched comfort while actively fighting humidity to keep you dry and cool all night long.

casper wave hybrid mattress. Casper’s most supportive mattress (from $1,695), designed for ultimate pressure relief, spinal alignment and cooling, boasts zoned Support Max layers with gel pods, which provide ergonomic support for your whole body. It also features layers of AirScape—a perforated breathable foam—and cooling gel that help keep you at the perfect temperature all night.



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