How To Give Yourself A “Facelift” Without Going Under The Knife (Win! A Pair Of Dr. Liza Flats!)

June 25, 2020

Who doesn’t love to look red-carpet ready all the time? Whether it’s on social media, TV or in magazines, we are being constantly reminded of the perfectly even skin tones, radiant glows and defined jawlines of A-listers. And, while these celebs do have access to the very best skin care and plastic surgery, there are ways for anyone anywhere to achieve these results without going under the knife or spending a fortune. Toronto’s own Dr. Liza Egbogah—one of North America’s leading body and posture experts and founder of Dr. Liza Shoes, designed for painless all-day wear—has developed the following simple techniques that you can do safely from the comfort of your own home to not only look younger, but feel younger, too. Tried and tested on Hollywood’s finest, these steps will release tension from facial muscles, boost symmetry, create a more even skin tone and even improve posture. —Vita Daily

dr liza

myofascial release of connective tissues in face, neck and back. Before starting these five treatments, apply a simple facial oil suitable for your skin. Pick an oil that you know works for you and isn’t too overpowering (Dr. Liza likes this one The fascia is a connective tissue that acts as a support network throughout the entire body. Along with the muscles in our face, the fascia plays a large role in what our face looks like. Over time, knots in the fascia can cause distortions in our face that may present as sagging, lines and asymmetry. To combat this, myofascial release essentially feels like a face massage and works to balance out the muscles and fascia to create lift, symmetry and collagen production. The muscles along the spine and pecs are also released to improve posture, as this is the foundation for a lifted face. You can perform a simple myofascial release on your face solo, or team up with your isolation partner for the full face, neck and back experience. For the upper back and shoulders, simply apply firm upward strokes to the muscles for two minutes, moving toward the head. Follow this with a gentler face massage—applying as much pressure as is comfortable.

osteopathic facial manipulation. To increase blood flow to the face, which has a whole host of benefits such as improving cell regeneration and quality, try out a (safe version) of the osteopathic facial manipulation that doesn’t involve moving any actual bones but still has the same desired effects. Gently apply pressure to facial bones across the face, jaw and nose for a couple of seconds and repeat whenever you are able to see maximum benefits.

facial cupping on wrinkle-prone areas. You can use small silicone cups to focus on areas of the face that require a deeper level of fascial release. This can help break up knots in the fascia, increase blood flow, improve lymphatic drainage and minimize the appearance of lines.

gua sha stone used to release tight muscles in the face. The gua sha tool is used to remove facial tension and is another method to further break up knots in the fascia. It also provides slight trauma to the face to encourage the formation of more collagen and create a more lifted appearance. Rose quartz is used as it is cooling, and has been said to combat negative energy—an added bonus. If you don’t have a gua sha stone, a chilled spoon is a great substitute!

jade rolling. Finish up with some time spent jade rolling. Not only is it calming for the self and for the skin after the prior four procedures, but it also helps to promote lymphatic drainage, decreasing puffiness in the face.

Win! A Pair Of Dr. Liza Flats!

dr liza

We have a winner! Congratulations Cyrena Eddy of St. John, NL, who won a pair of Dr. Liza flats in the colour and size of their choice (the Dr. Liza flat is available in Bubblegum, Caramelo, Chilli Red, Black, Ivory and Sky Blue in sizes 5 to 12, including half sizes)!

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