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Sanity Saving Sanitizer

June 26, 2020

In a world that’s quickly become all about health and hygiene, here’s one device we’re loving (and leaning on) hard.

coral uv

The Coral UV three-in-one sterilizes and dries baby, household and all kinds of day-to-day items without the need for water and heat, killing 99.9 per cent of germs in as little as 10 minutes. It uses UV-C lights (rather than harsh chemicals) to break down the original DNA and RNA sequence in the cell of unwelcome nasties like staph, e-coli, salmonella and the H1N1 flu virus, making the bacteria or virus unable to function or reproduce and, effectively, killing them. Plus, the Coral UV is sleek and small enough to live on a kitchen counter for easy cleaning of toys, bottles and pacifiers—even our makeup brushes, hair tools and electronic gadgets can get the royal treatment in this baby!

The besty part? You can snag your very own Coral UV on sale for Canada Day ($149 compared to $169) on Amazon and, and get a complimentary pair of replacement light bulbs if ordered directly from the website between July 1st and July 6th, 2020. Bacteria, bye! —Vita Daily


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