CBD Beauty Sun Sign Guide (Win! A $145 Calyx Wellness Prize Pack!)

June 29, 2020

Given everyone’s fascination with astrology, Calyx Wellness—a trusted provider of hemp-derived CBD-infused beauty and health products, with remedies for every energy and goal—has matched products from its vast line (think tinctures, capsules, sprays, lotions and bath bombs) to each sun sign to create the following fun guide on what CBD product best emulates your unique sign! —Vita Daily

calyx wellness

aries: calm spearmint. The first, kick start, impulsive. Calm Spearmint ($55) keeps Aries sharp and on their game, but relaxed enough to control their sometimes impulsive tendencies.

calyx wellness

taurus: repair. Steady, immense foresight, practical. Repair Capsules ($110) in the morning are great for a steady Taurus looking for relief throughout the day without having to disturb their routine.

calyx wellness

gemini: boost. Flexible, creative, indecisive. Boost ($30) is perfect for Geminis who just need a little something to amplify their creative energy and a low dose for flexible and frequent use.

calyx wellness

cancer: bath bombs. Sensitive, emotional, nurturing. CBD Bath Bombs ($25) are the perfect match for Cancers who are always looking for some TLC.

calyx wellness

leo: smooth+. Royalty, self-indulgent, diplomatic leader. Smooth+ Lotion ($99) is a go-to for the ultimate self-care guru and mirror enthusiast.

calyx wellness

virgo: calm peppermint ($55). Focused, organized, fixer. Sharp like their wit, the potent Calm Peppermint ($55) provides some relaxation to loosen those Virgos up a little!

calyx wellness

libra: harmony. Harmonious, fair-minded, graceful, loves love. Harmony ($300) is a natural fit for a Libra. Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and the arts, and are naturally peaceful and balanced.

calyx wellness

scorpio: heal+. Passionate, stubborn, resourceful. Heal+ ($145) for Scorpios who are passionate, potentially to a point of self-destruction. Keep your mind calm and your passions up and you could rule the world.

calyx wellness

sagittarius: focus. Adventurous, energetic, a little out of pocket. Focus ($50) is great for a Saggitarius who always wants to be moving, seeing and experiencing but has trouble getting things off their bucket list because they’re a tad scattered.

calyx wellness

capricorn: restore. Responsible, self-controlled, practical. A controlled and precise (like them) dosage of Restore Capsules ($60) administered in the morning will last a Capricorn a full day of hard work.

calyx wellness

aquarius: calm lemon lime. Progressive, unique, humanitarian, independent. Calm Lemon-Lime ($55) is ideal for an Aquarius who is always looking for something fun and fresh, and could help with emotional healing that they tend to put on the back burner.

calyx wellness

pisces: heal. Compassionate, intuitive, gentle, wise. Empathetic, intuitive and absorbing too much of other people’s sh**, Heal ($80) will ensure a Pisces takes care of themselves first.

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Win! A $145 Calyx Wellness Prize Pack!

We have a winner! Congrats Judy H. of Burlington, ON, who won a $145 Calyx Wellness prize pack, including the Heal Tincture ($80) and the Smooth Lotion ($65)!

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