9 Natural Summer Beauty Must-Haves (Win! A $600 Maison Jacynthe Prize Pack!)

June 30, 2020

Though we love using beauty products that harness the power of nature to cure and care for our skin year-round, summer seems a particularly good time to access the extraordinary healing properties offered by Mother Nature. One hundred per cent pure, active, vegan and cruelty-free, Maison Jacynthe (a collection of beauty and wellness products inspired by French-Canadian actress Jacynthe René’s deep passion and respect for nature) features a wide range of skin-care, home-care, makeup, perfume and nutrition offerings. Below, our top Maison Jacynthe skin-loving picks for the season (plus a chance for you to win them all!). —Vita Daily

maison jacynthe

the rose trio ($141). These three natural skin-care products contain no preservative agents, petroleum nderivatives, chemical components or synthetic fragrances. The cleansing oil cleans, removes makeup and purifies skin while the rose floral water is invigorating, slightly astringent, firming, moisturizing and antiwrinkle. The serum helps protect, defend and regenerate your skin all summer long (and beyond!).

maison jacynthe

après soleil (“the after sun”) body serum ($185). A delicately scented veil of vanilla, neroli, sandalwood, myrrh, olibanum, this treatment is a true elixir that sublimates the skin by providing it with the natural after-sun anti-aging and repairing properties. Bonus: it illuminates the complexion and enhances the tan.

maison jacynthe

la cocotte summer body oil ($65). Naturally perfumed with paradisiacal scents, La Cocotte not only leaves skin and hair with a delicate trail of coconut and bourbon vanilla, but helps fight dehydration, soothes and calms redness, relieves skin heated by the sun and, thasnks to the lauric acid in coconut oil, nourishes tresses in depth and is a real treat for dry, frizzy hair.

maison jacynthe

frutti-tutti remineralizing body exfoliant ($74). Talk about a summery sounding product! From head to toe, this rinse-free exfoliating treatment can be applied anywhere in the home. Using a bath towel stretched out on the floor, or on the bed or sofa, simply apply a small amount to each area (leg, for example) and massage gently throughout the area until it is absorbed and there are only a few remaining amounts of dead skin and salt. Wipe off with a dry washcloth. Then hop in the shower and, while the water is flowing, keep rubbing, and take advantage of the hot vapours to relax! Your at-home hammam!

maison jacynthe

orange blossom soufflé body mousseline ($96). If you like the olfactory experience of the orange blossom in vanilla shea, you will love this body soufflé made with playful notes for your skin and your mood. This sweet fragrance nourishes and caresses every little detail of your skin. Light in texture and rich in nutrition, this body mousseline nourishes hands and feet, as well as any dry or irritated areas.

maison jacynthe

caramel fir butter ($36). For all fragile, sensitive and fine skin, this body butter is a marvel! Among its ingredients: Quebec fir, which is both anti-aging and firming and, for many years, was used to repair and heal the skin. Its beautiful texture is accompanied by a pleasant smell of caramelized fir. It can be applied on the face and body for sustained hydration.

maison jacynthe

vanilla shea butter ($36). A must-have to nourish, soften and moisturize the hands, lips, tips of the hair, and feet, Maison Jacynthe vanilla shea butter can also be transformed into a homemade collagen-type mask. Begin by applying your serum, then melt the vanilla shea butter in a double boiler (30 seconds is enough) and test the temperature on your wrist to avoid any burning. Apply the warm liquid on the face, then cover with a warm washcloth for five minutes. Do not rinse.

Win! A $600 Maison Jacynthe Prize Pack!

We have a winner! Congrats Julie S. of Magog, QC, who won a Maison Jacynthe prize pack including all of the products mentioned above!

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