Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Canadian Tuxedo

June 30, 2020

Since the 1950s, the Canadian Tuxedo has brought us several infamous moments, from denying Bing Crosby entrance into a bar that sparked the trend to new Canadian resident Hailey Bieber giving tips on how to style the iconic look in 2020. In honour of Canada Day, we chatted with power Poshmark seller and denim junky Réjeanne Bernard to get the scoop on this quintessentially Canuck jean-on-jean trend. —Vita Daily


Hi Réjeanne! Please tell us about your Poshmark-selling self to start.

I’ve been selling on Poshmark since September 2019. I’ve worked in visual merchandising for about 20 years and I’m a bit of a clothes, shoes and bag junkie, so Poshmark and I are a match made in heaven. Currently, my closet consists of about 95 per cent of my personal items that I’m trying to find good homes for. Now that I’ve found such success selling on Posh, I really don’t know what I like more: selling on Posh or buying!


What is a "Canadian Tuxedo" and what, in your mind, are some of the most famous examples of this look?

The Canadian Tuxedo is a trend that has been around for decades! The origins stem from a popular singer, Bing Crosby, and iconic denim brand, Levi’s. Crosby was denied entry into a Vancouver hotel for wearing head-to-toe denim. Once Levi’s heard about this, they stepped in and designed a custom denim “tuxedo” style jacket for the singer, complete with large lapels and double-breasted buttons. While the jacket itself was an actual tuxedo style, the act of wearing double-denim became infamously known as the Canadian Tuxedo. Over the years, we’ve seen some spectacularly memorable examples of the Canadian Tuxedo. Some have really hit the nail on the head. When I worked for Levi’s, Kanye could probably be credited with putting their famous Trucker jean jacket back on the map. Then, of course, there are looks that will go down in double-denim history (two words: Britney and Justin). These days, celebs like Hailey Beiber have made this trend a staple look. Whether it’s oversized ’90s or acid-washed ’80s, she makes it look casual and cool, which is exactly what the Canadian Tuxedo is all about.

Have you seen, personally, the demand for denim as being consistently high?

The demand for denim will never go away! And, I’m happy to say that with people looking for more sustainable and ethical ways to buy their denim, they’ve definitely turned to platforms like Poshmark even more. I’m really noticing people are now becoming more aware of the true cost of their clothing. This is where the value of resellers come in because they know the brands people are looking for and they’re willing to do the hunting.


Why do you think Canucks (include yourself) love their denim so much?

Denim is that one item in your closet that never lets you down. We all have our favourite pair of jeans. It could be because they always make your butt look great, or because they are super comfortable. Whatever the reason is, denim has an elegant simplicity. It’s tried and true and there for you when you need it—just like most Canucks! I personally own between 20 and 30 pairs of jeans. I love wearing denim because I feel it’s the one thing in my wardrobe that I can dress up or down depending on my mood.

What are some of summer’s most popular denim trends/pieces?

Vintage denim is a huge trend this year. You know the kind that you find at the bottom of a thrift-store bin? People are really embracing the uniqueness of vintage denim. Pleats and front seams comprise one of the riskier denim trends this year but, again, give a nod to that vintage and upcycled feel. Baggy pleats or skinny pleats—all are welcome. Pick a silhouette that works best with your body. Bootcut is also back; you’ll find the sweet spot for this trend somewhere between a true bootcut and an exaggerated flare leg. Bermuda shorts and culottes are a perfect trend to upcycle your existing denim into! Definitely make sure that the Bermudas hit you above the knee, while the culottes should hit just below the knee. Culottes are a personal favourite of mine because they can literally be worn year round, with sandals or sneakers in the spring/summer, and with a tall knee boot in fall/winter. So chic. Lastly, special mentions go out to the trends that aren’t going anywhere: distressed denim and skinny jeans (but make the latter high waisted).


What are your top tips for styling the modern denim-on-denim outfit?

It should look like you didn’t try too hard. If your double denim looks too “put together” you probably didn’t do it right. The key to this look is effortless. Some people like to match their denims (i.e., dark with dark, light with light) but I personally prefer to take the opposite approach. If I’m wearing dark-indigo or natural blue jeans, I’ll almost always pair with a chambray or bleached-out denim shirt. It just feels more casual. Overall, don’t be afraid to try other styles in your quest for the perfect Canadian Tuxedo! Try a denim T-shirt and jean skirt as your mix.

What are some of the most popular denim pieces on Poshmark?

Poshmark is an amazing place to find great deals on sought after denim brands like Frame, ACME and Mother.

Do you have a personal fave denim piece in your wardrobe?

I have a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans that I can wear with absolutely anything—sneakers, heels, they just make everything cooler.

How will you be rocking denim this summer?

I will definitely be trying out some upcycling denim projects this summer! I’ve got my scissors and bleach ready to go. I’ll also be on the hunt for that perfect pair of vintage jeans. And, I’ll be listing some contemporary denim pieces on my Poshmark closet and I’m starting my second Poshmark closet featuring all vintage pieces @cureted_vintage (cuRÉted)—I’ll have some amazing vintage denim pieces there as well!


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