July Influencer: Jadesola Samuel

July 4, 2020

Our featured Canadian influencer this summer is Jadesola Samuel, a Nigerian living in Vancouver who, aside from her academic studies, shares her hair, makeup and musical escapades on YouTube and Instagram! Read all about Jadesola below, and watch for more fabulous influencer insights in the coming months! —Vita Daily


Hi Jadesola! How do you use your platform/voice/life to impact those who follow you?

Growing up as a black woman, I had a lot of reasons to be insecure and only recently did I begin to fully love myself and accept who I really am. Using my platform, I want to help other black women and girls like me to love themselves and how they were created. Black women are amazing and beautiful, and I don’t believe we hear this enough or receive enough love in society today.

What has been your top insight, thought, feeling or takeaway from the recent critical focus on the Black Lives Matter movement?

Whew. These past few weeks have been crazy. I experienced a deep sense of grief and hurt knowing that people who looked like me were getting killed, raped and abused on a daily basis, and that’s such a heavy weight to carry. However, the progress that we’ve seen in this short time is amazing. The key thing that I believe a lot of people realise from this is that racism in all forms is unacceptable and for us to fight against it, we have to be united. It’s not a black against white fight or an Asian against Hispanics fight … it’s a humanity against racism kind of fight.

What’s your personal style/beauty mantra?

My personal style and beauty mantra is that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. This is a bible verse that has really helped to up my confidence levels over the years. It reminds me that I’m beautiful the way I am and that there is a reason I was created with the features and qualities that I have.

What do you love most about summer in Vancouver?

I honestly love the Fusion Festival and other Afrocentric events that happen around the summertime, though that’s not really a thing this year. I also love the beautiful scenery in parks and beaches. Just soaking in all that nature is amazing!

Follow Jadesola on Youtube (hair and music) and on Instagram (personal and business).

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