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July 9, 2020

We’ve been hearing so much about new(ish) direct-to-consumer Canadian dinnerware maker Fable lately, we jumped at the chance to interview one of the brand’s three founders, Tina Luu (and find out what exaclty a "bore-met" dinner part entails)! —Noa Nichol


Hi Tina! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

Hi I’m Tina! I’m a mom of two toddlers, Raffi and Zeke, and recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver back in March. My husband and I are originally from Toronto, so it has been great to be back with our family. I love hosting dinner parties for friends and family and look forward to when I can have people over again. My favourite dinner party includes a little competition—my most recent was "bore-met". Every guest was to bring an appetizer that seems boring from the outside but was made "gourmet". It was great to see what people came up with. I’m also an aspiring plant lady and slowly growing my plant collection, and am currently obsessed with Korean makeup and skin-care routines.

What is direct-to-consumer dinnerware, and why do we need it?

At Fable we aim to make it really easy to outfit your home. After experiencing first hand how hard it can be to outfit my home, personally, I knew there needed to be a better option: a company that provides pieces that have a cohesive design with a brand that is value driven. So, we decided to create just that! Fable partners directly with creators in Portugal to bring our product vision to life. We stand for great craftsmanship, ethical and sustainable creation and awesome customer service. We want to make outfitting homes exciting, fun and easy!


How has your background/childhood played into your current career?

Growing up with a large extended family (I have 18 cousins just on my dad’s side of the family!) food and family went hand in hand. Our families would take turns hosting big get-togethers frequently for birthdays and Christmas, it was so much fun. As I started having my own family I realized the importance of creating shared memories through hosting get-togethers with friends and family. For me, creating those experiences starts with the small details that are often overlooked: how you set the table to the music that is played in the background really sets the mood. As I dug deeper into dinnerware, I found myself obsessed with the weight and feel of flatware and ceramics. Trying to find the right balance of weight and quality was a frustrating process at traditional retailers, so I set out to create Fable.

Take us through the dinnerware design process, please!

We come together as a team and share ideas on new product lines, product trends, but most importantly we draw inspiration from our experiences. For example, we put a lot of thought into how flatware needs to feel in your hand. It is important you go through how flatware is used naturally throughout your home. A fork is not only used for eating roasted vegetables but very often used to mix up an egg quickly. So, we put a lot of our attention in how pieces are used throughout your space and what functions they serve other than just traditional use cases. Once we have an idea of what the product should look and feel like, we search for the right partners who can create what we envisioned. It’s a collaborative process between our team here in Canada and our team in Portugal. Learning about the creative process and the ins and outs of our dinnerware has been really fascinating and we have had to adjust the product to what is possible within limitations.

How do ethics and the environment play into the brand?

We’re mission-driven at every aspect of the company, from who we partner with, the creation of our products, through how we work as a team. Making a positive impact on the world and people’s lives is our ultimate objective. For example, when our ceramics are made all of the unused clay shavings are recycled, the water used is recycled and once over mineralized—it is then donated to local farmers. It acts as a great natural fertilizer.

So, what’s your fave dish to serve (and eat) on Fable dinnerware?!

I love to cook so I have so many, it’s too hard to choose. Two family favourites that I make regularly, would be a Vietnamese pho and my husband’s family recipe of chicken hamim, which is a Sephardic Jewish slow-cooked rice dish. Both can be made in an instant pot and perfect in our pasta bowls!


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