Fun Family Fashion (Win! A $200 Birdz Gift Card!)

July 15, 2020

We love adding new threads to our family’s wardrobe, especially pieces that are made-in-Canada. Our recent chat with Birdz founders, sisters Caro and Stéphanie, revealed what makes their Montreal brand unique, and gave us plenty of more reason to love Canuck-created clothes mom, dad and the kiddos can all wear! —Vita Daily


Hi Caro and Stéphanie! Please tell us a bit about yourselves to start 🙂

We’re two sisters. Stéphanie, a blonde wild child, and Caro, a brunette child prodigy! We grew up as tight as sisters come and we would not have jumped into this entrepreneurial journey with anyone else. It is our unique relationship and our complementary skills that makes it possible and such a magical journey with Birdz.

When and why did you launch your Canadian clothing brand, Birdz?

Three years ago with big corporate jobs, husbands and, at that time three kids among us, we realized we wanted to change the trajectory of our lives and the lives of our children. So we made a big pivot and started Birdz. A driving force behind the brand direction was led by the question, “Why isn’t clothing for boys more colourful?” We found it hard to find fun, cheerful garments for our sons that were as bright and bubbly as those being offered for little girls. This idea is the root of our DNA at Birdz.


What makes Birdz stand apart from other fashion makers? What’s your creative mantra/motto?

Dressing happy! Our approach with Birdz stems truly from this concept—seeing that colour was getting lost in kids’ clothing. When we had our own boys, we found it hard to find bright and colourful options. We wanted to breathe life into boys’ clothing—an area of kids fashion that had become less vibrant or happy. We also want families to wear our line during special moments of their life. The precious times where you make deep and profound memories with your family. These family traditions drive the concept behind our much-loved sweats, which feature a word to evoke it all—Chalet, Vacances and soon-to-launch Cheers/Tchin Tchin.

When it comes to kids’ clothes, we love the idea of dispelling the myths around “this is for girls and this is for boys.” Tell us your thoughts around that, and how that works into your brand and your products.

We just love bold, bright colour and prints, and don’t believe they need to be exclusive to gender. Our kids always remind us that everything is possible and that every choice is a good one when made with authenticity. Our boys love purple and our girls love blue—we let them choose the colours that make them happy!


You’re makers of clothes, yet you express a strong desire to create and connect with your community, the people who wear your stuff. Please tell us more about that: creating a community via a company.

When we started Birdz three years ago our community was built around motherhood, championing our little Birdz to grow confident and to take their flight out of the nest to live their most vibrant, bubbly happy life. When we launched our first women’s styles, they were designed at first to match with the kids’ styles. But we realized really fast that our community expanded to another level. We reached women that were not mothers. We reached women that were aiming for happiness, for precious moments of life spent with friends and family without necessarily having kids. This new wave of women in our community is getting stronger and stronger every week, especially with everything that is happening in the world right now. People are craving optimism and feelings of well being. We are getting back to basics in the most beautiful way: taking care of your loved ones, enjoying every moment with the people you cherish and being happy in the present. This is what Birdz aims to do with or without kids! And we will focus on that a lot more in our next campaigns and collections.

You recently appeared on Dans L’Oeil Du Dragon; how did it go?!

We had an incredible time appearing on Dans L’Oeil Du Dragon. Receiving an offer from three Dragons out of five was thrilling. It really helped our brand gain awareness and momentum.


What’s new from Birdz for summer?

Based on the high demand and love for our women’s styles we are launching more for them! This week we have an exciting new sweats drop featuring one word that says it all. Simple words that express the desire to be uplifted while staying grounded and balanced with your loved ones. They read: Cheers and Tchin Tchin.

What key piece is each of you rocking this season, and into fall?

We are coming back with our Chalet sweatshirts in September in new amazing colours! Our Chalet sweats are what made Birdz a success, our most loved item. The Chalet evokes thoughts of connecting with family and friends, building memories, having fun in such a pure way. We are bringing them back in colours reminiscent of fall leaves with our first-ever women only campaign!

Win! A Birdz Prize Pack!

We have a winner! Congratulations Anita D. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who won a $200 Birdz gift card!


  1. Heather

    July 29th, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    Congrats to the winner! The pictures for the contest are adorable! 💗

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