Meghan Markle’s Style Evolution

August 12, 2020

From TV actress to British royalty to embracing a newly independent life, no matter what role Meghan Markle takes on women everywhere clamour to copy her sophisticated and chic—yet seemingly effortless—style. Omar Nobil, vice-president of women’s design at Banana Republic, calls Markle’s mode of dressing “impeccable,” adding that, “She’s become a style icon, striking an incredible balance between modern classics and trends. We love how she continues to push the boundaries of style today.”

For Harriet Guadagnuolo of Vancouver’s Blubird, the former Suits actress “puts her own effortless, modern and comfortable twist on the traditions and classics. She always looks polished yet relaxed, and I think that’s what many women are looking to achieve with their every-day style.”

“She’s become a style icon, striking an incredible balance between modern classics and trends”

Now, without having to follow certain royal rules, Markle may be entering a new fashion phase. “I believe she’ll remain true to her personal style and have even more fun with her everyday looks,” says Nobil, who sees her enjoying more freedom in this new chapter of her life. “I expect we’ll see more relaxed looks from day to day.”

Sara Ralph of Bella & Wren in Fort Langley, agrees. “I see Meghan’s style becoming more relaxed and casual as she moves away from the palace,” she says. For Guadagnuolo, Markle’s new off-duty role means “more denim, more knits, more boots. We may even see her holding a coffee and wearing yoga pants while she runs errands.”

It’s precisely that relatability that so many women find appealing. “People appreciate her style because it’s not that difficult and we can recreate it within our own budget,” explains Vancouver stylist Michelle Addison. “She knows what works for her and has it clearly defined in everything she wears. She’s not afraid to dress for herself. It’s a more feminist approach to fashion that any woman can emulate—dressing for yourself and being yourself is something that looks great on any woman.”

“Meghan radiates confidence and knows her body well,” echoes Nobil. “People love Meghan’s style because it’s both accessible and effortless as she mixes high and low pieces together. No matter what the occasion, she remains true to herself.”

In terms of getting the duchess’ look, for Addison, “the rule … is to get the basics, which give you instant outfits. Choose investment pieces that are your go-tos. Then, add colour and trends that work for you each season.” Whether, for Markle, those seasonal extras include a great pair of shorts, a sporty anorak, a printed jacket, a chic jumpsuit or a more-relaxed version of that now-famous Banana Republic trench dress, what we know for certain is that all eyes will be focused on her amazing, authentically-Meghan style. —Jeanine Gordon


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