Here’s Why Riversol’s New Sunscreen Is An SPF Game-Changer

August 21, 2020

Riversol’s new SPF 40 Body Sunscreen ($29) has finally arrived (albeit a but late season due to COVID-19 manufacturing delays). What makes this sunscreen special?

Mineral sunscreen filters like the ones used in this product have been regarded as safe and effective for a number of reasons: they’re well tolerated on sensitive skin, there is no evidence of absorption through the skin, they are safe for people of all ages—they are even safe for coral reefs! The challenge with mineral sun filters: they can be cosmetically inelegant when formulated into a sunscreen (recall the zinc oxide creams of the 1990s).

Riversol‘s new sunscreen is 100 per cent mineral-based and formulated to feel lightweight on the skin. It doesn’t resemble the zinc oxide preparations of yesteryear and blends easily into skin. The water-resistant formulation was created with athletes in mind and can stand up to 40 minutes of intensive sweating or swimming. These standards make it the perfect choice for a long bike ride and more than suitable for relaxing outdoors.

Here’s to a few more nice days of summer in which to enjoy this stellar SPF! —Vita Daily


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