5 Steps To A Sustainable Kid-Room Refresh

August 28, 2020

Over the spring, #socialdistancing time at our place was spent wisely, and we managed to get a lot of things on our to-do list checked off while being “stuck” at home. With my daughter Ella’s room in need of a “big-girl” refresh, we decided to get creative using items we had lying around for a rainy day. Here are some really easy, money-saving ideas that you can use to spruce up your own space! Keisha Boutilier

dollar-store frames and free printables. Finding little “vintage-style” frames at the dollar store is a cinch (they’re always there), and every once in a while I’ll pick some up just to add to my “have-on-hand” collection. For Ella’s room, we filled them with free online printables—graphic sayings like “hustle and heart” and “you are pretty rad” that are both economical and inspirational.

big-box basics. You may not think of a big-box store as a place to find great home décor but, in certain instances (like with basics), they are! Ella’s airy curtains were a wonderful Walmart find: $25 for two sheer panels and curtain rod! They instantly gave her room a fresh feel—and are easy to clean, too.

thrifty finds. Secondhand is always my first go-to for home goods, and several items in Ella’s updated room are a testament to why. I picked up both an oval vintage mirror and Ikea storage baskets for just $20. I painted the mirror with homemade chalk paint (a quick Google search will yield dozens of DIY recipes) to give it new life, and the baskets slide seamlessly under the bed for extra putting-away space.

antique treasures. From time to time I’ll sneak into an antique store for a quick look—a habit inherited from my mother. I recall being extremely bored as a child when forced to go antiquing; now, I probably enjoy it a little too much! The trick to antiquing is to keep an eye out for a real bargain—like this dresser and nightstand set I snagged when Ella was a baby, for a mere $75. I brought them home and lovingly refurbished them, and she’s enjoyed them ever since.

crafty kid projects. Wanting my daughter to be hands-on with her room reno, I had her take on a project that was fun—and extremely inexpensive, to boot. I simply grabbed some pretty pastel paints and small art canvases from Michaels (for under $10) and let little Ella create!


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