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How To Be A Skin-Care Cocktail Master

September 8, 2020

Like many people, we’ve spent the pandemic mastering cocktails, but our goal is to wake up with beautiful skin, not a sore head. Our trusty ingredients—and the ideas for amping up our skin-care regimens—come from An-Hydra, the Toronto-based brand that specializes in waterless products. Microbiome Cleanser has enzymes and amino acids for cleansing, glacial clay to absorb oil and aloe vera for repair. Hyaluronic Hydrator combines hyaluronic acid, squalane and evening primrose oil for ultimate moisture, and Powder-C Brightener imparts luminosity with vitamin C, a light-reflecting mineral and yet more hyaluronic acid. The water is omitted for environmental reasons—the products are lighter and therefore shipping creates less emissions—and also because water-free products require no preservatives. 

Each of the products can be combined with serum to make a cleanser and two different serums but, for next-level results, get experimental. Mix the Microbiome Cleanser with a drop of water to make a paste and apply it to a zit for overnight drying, or combine it with yogurt and Hyaluronic Hydrator as an overnight soothing mask. Blend your Hyaluronic Hydrator with agave and matcha powder to give yourself an antioxidant boost, or achieve ultimate luminosity by combining Powder-C Brightener and agave.

An-Hydra founder Susanne Langmuir provides tonnes of recipes on An-Hydra’s website (also the only place you can currently buy the products), but she encourages users to go wild in the kitchen, adding ingredients like coffee grounds for exfoliation or activated charcoal for detoxing. Her latest discovery? Using the inside of banana skin to massage the Microbiome Cleanser into skin, adding an extra level of exfoliation. What an a-peeling trick! —Aileen Lalor


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