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Top Moisturizing Hacks For Fall And Winter

September 9, 2020

We know, we know. Summer’s not over yet! But it never hurts to start thinking early about how the inevitable drop in temperature may impact our skin—and what we can do about it. This year, we’re turning to CBD for help, and trying these Calyx Wellness hacks for the ultimate moisture to protect your skin and hair. —Vita Daily

put calyx smooth lotion on your skin. This perfectly formulated lotion uses a natural cream combined with hemp-derived CBD as a base to target all of your skins irritations and itches. This lotion includes aromatherapy essential oils to reap the benefits of natural active ingredients such as sandalwood and its anti-inflammatory properties and lavender with its stress-reducing properties. Smooth ($65) is the perfect CBD lotion for pain reduction and optimal skin nourishment.

put calyx heal cbd oil in your shampoo. These few added drops will help to bring extra moisture and protection to your hair routine this fall! The Heal CBD oil ($65) offers the added benefits of grapeseed oil in combination with incredible natural healing effects of CBD! Add a couple of drops to your favourite shampoo and massage into your scalp and hair for maximum benefits and a burst of extra hydration.


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