New Nosh: Kinton Ramen

October 1, 2020

The first West Coast outpost of a Toronto foodie favourite is giving us all the back-to-school feels (without the school-supply shopping).

Kinton Ramen, at UBC, serves up award-winning chef-driven Japanese ramen dishes, pairing rich and flavourful broth with fresh, high-quality (and sometimes surprising) ingredients. Open daily for lunch and dinner, the resto invites all Vancouverites (not just freshmen and faculty) to take part in a slurp-worthy experience like no other, complemented by a casual Asian-inspired drinks program and warm hospitality. Choose from a range of hearty ramen bowls prepped with slow-cooked pork or chicken broth in five distinct styles—original, shoyu, miso, spicy garlic and spicy jalapeño—as well as an exclusive-to-this-location selection of four vegetarian bowls featuring a plant-based broth. Then, take your pick from thick, thin or shirataki noods and toppings like bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms, nori, sweet corn and even Swiss cheese. Wash your meal down with a Sapporo beer, hot or cold house sake or Sapporo-infused cocktails made with homemade lemonade or ginger ale.

And, if you’re really using your noodle, you’ll save room for dessert—the matcha ice cream and kurogoma cheesecake made with baked black sesame are both winners. —Noa Nichol

Kinton Ramen, 6111 University Blvd., Vancouver, B.C., 604-423-5452, kintonramen.com


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