4 Unique Drinking Glasses You Need In Your Kitchen Cupboard Now

October 13, 2020

When it comes to indulging in a little art-home luxury, think glassware. Most of us have a variety of drinking vessels, but adding something special to sip from can bring unexpected joy to your day.

The reality is that glassware has always played a big role in our lives. That might sound dramatic or overreaching, but when you really think about it, it’s true. Some sort of vessel is essential to the first sip of coffee in the morning, the gulp we take after a workout, the clink during “cheers” to celebrate good news, an heirloom piece to be held dear and the cup of water that sleeps beside us on our nightstands. Though many have shed the habit of cherishing the simple items we frequently use at home, adopting, instead, a mentality of saving the good stuff for guests, we suggest ending that cycle now.

Interesting glassware adds a moment of luxury to the mundane—it’s a small ceremony of self-care, if you will. And, why shouldn’t we celebrate the small things whenever we have the chance to do so Before you dust off the inherited crystal in the back of your cabinet (though that’s great if you’ve got it), there are also some amazing new glassware styles on the market that deserve your attention. Trust us, these are not from your Grandma’s china cabinet! —Madison Hope

Talk about tabletop eye-candy. Hand-blown in the Pacific Northwest, Asp & Hand’s Knotty tumbler ($85) adds flair to even the most unique glassware collection. In a variety of colours and heights, these can make pretty much anything fun to drink (they’re excellent vases, too!).

If you’re looking to foray into fun glassware in a more budget-conscious way, you’ll love these Fabulös glasses ($6) from Ikea. Designed by Gunnel Sahlin (a prolific Swedish glass artist), this is a great place to get started building your own unique cup collection.

Made in Vancouver, every Crushed cup (from $30) by Goodbeast is hand-formed (not mould-blown), and so each has its own personality. Use for your morning latte—the espresso-to-foam ratio looks gorgeous in this crushed silhouette. https://www.goodbeast.ca/glass/crushedcup

Sold in pairs, these tumblers ($49 at the Modern Shop) are part of Marimekko’s Sukat Makkaralla series, which means “socks rolled down” in Finnish, and bring an easygoing spin on a classic to the table.


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