Get A Fancy Face With This New Vegan Eco-Friendly Nano-Wool Brush Set

October 22, 2020

Renowned Canadian beauty brand Fancy Face has launched its first-ever ethically made brush collection. The 15-piece Blushing Gold set ($260), made from state-of-the-art nano-wool tech, are special for several reasons. We chatted with founder Brittany Gray to find out why. —Vita Daily

Hi Brittany! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I’m a beauty addict and makeup junkie at heart. Ever since I can remember I was scouring my mother’s makeup drawer and being intensely drawn to the makeup counters in department stores; the cosmetics love runs deep. I started my career as a performing arts professional and my first pro gig was dancing/singing with Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger in the Chicago. It was a pretty intense start right out of the gate as a 15-year-old, however, it really ignited a deeper passion for the beauty industry. As my career progressed, I began to notice the power of makeup. How it could transform you into a version of yourself to best express you at that time. How it could empower you to put your best work forward and how most importantly, it brought out the best in me when it was done right. When I was 20, I pivoted to pursue the makeup industry, getting certified from makeup school and starting a side business to compliment my performing career. I launched Fancy Face in the den of my childhood home, not knowing where it would take me, but certainly following my gut every step of the way.

What is Fancy Face? What services/products do you offer, and how has COVID-19 impacted your brand?

Fancy Face is a first-class beauty company specializing in both top-tier bicoastal hair and makeup services on-site, in-home and in our studio, and a full cosmetics line. Our product line takes the guesswork out of everyday womxns’ makeup routines with high-quality, beauty-expert driven makeup. We have a full range of beauty products sold in-store at our Rosé Room and our e-commerce site. BB creams, concealing pens, bronzers, blushes, highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, lip masks, undereye masks, makeup brushes, brow gels, setting sprays … all the things that will help womxn put their best face forward. The service side of our business, which typically includes more than 500 weddings a year coast to coast, has taken a hard hit from this global pandemic. For 15 years, the service side was the front runner, however now our products are certainly taking centre stage. For us, we’re immensely grateful to have been able to pivot so quickly with already having an ecommerce business and product line, which has allowed us to expand our brand and keep the business afloat even in the toughest of times.

Tell us about your new makeup brushes; why the launch, and what makes this set unique?

Being a makeup artist in the industry for 15 years, I’ve came across a great deal of brushes. Up until now, vegan, synthetic brushes weren’t really a thing you’d find or quite frankly, look for. Back then, brushes were all made of animal hair and most were quite expensive but didn’t last the test of time. I noticed a void in the marketplace, and wanted to create an offering that was ethically made, eco-conscious, luxurious in feel, of the highest-quality materials and, of course, vegan and cruelty free. In a time when everyone is spending far more time at home, there’s a heightened awareness for cruelty free and ethically made products, so it felt like the perfect time to introduce this 15-piece set into the market. Plus, they’re anti-bacterial and fast-drying. I’m biased, but I have to say the benefits of these brushes far surpass what’s on the market today and I’m incredibly proud of them.

What is nano-wool and what it makes it perfect for makeup brushes?

Our brushes are made out of a brand-new technology called nano-synthetic fibre. While they are softer than goat-hair brushes, they also don’t absorb and ultimately waste your cream and liquid products. The nano-synthetic fibres allow the makeup to remain on the outskirts of the bristles so you get to use every bit of your product put onto them. The density of the brushes also allows for the makeup application to be seamless and polished.

What do you, as a beauty pro, love best about these brushes?

Honestly, everything! I love that they’re made with the utmost care for our planet but also created with the most avid of beauty lovers in mind. For me, appearance is important. These are white and gold with blush bristles whereas most brushes are black. The softness and density of brushes are things I’ve always looked for in a brush, and these are unmatched. Most of all, I’ve curated the brushes to includes every single style brush you’ll ever need to create any makeup look, ever.

Any good brush-care tips?

I recommend washing them with anti-bacterial dish soap (use Dawn) mixed with a drop or two of olive oil. Rinse them clean in warm water and then squeeze out the water, reshape and lay flat to dry. Brushes should be cleaned every one to two weeks depending on usage.

Imagine being able to travel again, and only having room to pack one makeup brush. What would it be, and why?

I’d most definitely pack our big, fluffy powder brush with me. I could use it for powder, bronzer and blush, and, to me, those elements really wake up a face!


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