Get A Daring Halloween Makeup Look With Dior

October 27, 2020

A mirror cracks; an intriguing look, and a shiver of excitement is felt. This Halloween, Peter Philips, creative and image director for Dior Makeup, creates enigmatic looks that see iconic Rouge Dior take centre stage.

In an unsettling clair-obscur ambience borrowed from American horror and suspense movies (read: the perfect inspo for a spooky look), scenes of shadow and light play out in the grip of the formidable Rouge Dior, the fatal heroine of this captivating signature makeup look. Like a weapon of seduction, the famous fiery shades enhance glamorous, well-defined lips, which, one can imagine, conceal mysterious secrets.

Who is knocking at the door? Who is hiding behind the blinds? A dangerous enigma, an unsettling mystery, all framed by attractive hands with mesmerizing nails, impeccably lacquered in Dior Vernis 999. A velvet complexion is heightened with Rouge Blush 999, as Philips’ makeup crafts a high-voltage beauty of haunting audacity.

Intense, hypnotic eyelids reveal a glimpse of a sultry smoky eye, glowing in the dark with magnificent 5 Couleurs Couture, 879 Rouge Trafalgar or 079 Black Bow. The suspense is thrilling. Accentuated by a touch of Diorshow iconic Overcurl Ultra-Black Mascara, the eyes end up entrancing the audience with a single flutter of the lashes, plunging them into an ultimate, unbridled fever.

This Halloween, will you Dior dare to give in? —Vita Daily


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