5 Top Virtual Breathwork Journeys

October 28, 2020

Breathwork may be one of the most supportive wellness practices available. If you’re not familiar, breathwork is a technique of active breathing where you breathe, sometimes for an hour at a time, with an open mouth and relaxed jaw. Some teachers instruct a two-part breath: in through the belly, then the chest, then out through the mouth. The best part? It’s a very powerful practice to do virtually in the intimacy of your own home. Here’s a list of five favourite virtual breathwork journeys, and the teachers who lead them. Monika Krake

As a holistic, integrative practitioner, Tai Hubbert‘s breathwork sessions are designed to help people untangle toxic patterns and move toward greater awareness, freedom, peace and fulfillment. With a background in meditation, yoga, earth medicine and shamanism, she brings a wide toolkit to her virtual sessions.

Ana Lilia says, “You can change the way you feel by changing the way you breathe.” She offers by-donation community breathwork circles, breathwork classes and one-to-one sessions. Try her community breathwork meditations: you’ll love the energy, enthusiasm and authenticity she brings.

While Carmen Ganne’s private sessions are deeply supportive, especially for those who have any type of trauma in their background, her virtual and group sessions are potent as well. Carmen is a truly gifted facilitator and healer.

A very popular PNW teacher, Annalise Sullivan’s intention is to (in her words!) “bring the emotional revolution out of your unconscious mind, and make it a living, breathing part of your evolution.” She brings a somatic healing experience, and always makes room for difficult and challenging emotions.

As a spiritual medium and channel, Bree Melanson often begins her breathwork gatherings with a channelled message and meditation. She seems more like someone you’d meet at a cool party than be guided in meditation by. That said, she’s definitely got a remarkable gift, even if you aren’t so sure about the channelling stuff. For a truly unique breathwork journey, check her out!


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