Top 5 Vegan-Friendly Cities In Europe To Visit When We Can Travel Again

October 29, 2020

With World Vegan Day happening on November 1st, here are, according to Contiki, the five fave vegan-friendly cities in Europe to visit once travel opens up again, and their top veg-forward restaurants. —Vita Daily

budapest. Try Mazel Tov, where the falafel and Israeli salads are YUM, 827 Specialty Kitchen for the best vegan buffet ever and Plant Milky Way for gluten-free and vegan sweet treats.

prague. Forky’s serves up delectable vegan fast food, Prasad’s got vegan buffet and raw desserts, Moment Vegan Bistro offers brunch-ready scrambled tofu and bagels and go to Vegan’z Prague for a full delicious vegan menu with traditional variations.

berlin. Head to Brammibal’s for mouthwatering doughnuts, Kopps for a German-inspired tasting menu and vegan supper clubs and Jivamutki Canteen for healthy German food, yoga and juices.

vienna. In Vienna, Anker Brot’s got traditional Austrian pastries made vegan, Veggiezzz has easy, vegan fast food like burgers, wraps and hot dogs, Simply Raw serves AMAZING vegan raw cakes and Habibi & Hawara is an interesting Austrian and Oriental combined experience.

lisbon. Zarzuela for vegan (and gluten-free) pasteis de nata, Legumi Sushi for colourful avo rolls and ngiri and Las Vegan for epic focaccia sandwiches.


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