5 Wellness Program To Support You This Winter

November 3, 2020

It’s a massive understatement to say we’ve all felt more anxiety than usual in 2020. As a collective, we’re all more ready than ever to give ourselves the support needed to live with more peace and joy. Here are five wellness and spiritual programs you can tap into, to support yourself this winter. Monika Krake

becoming with patricia clum. Launching November 8th, 2020, this highly anticipated transformative soul care program is led by one of our fav spiritual guides, Patricia Clum from Evolution of the Heart. Watch for the big announcement on her website!

ceremony medicine training with corrina choe. Starting November 14th, 2020, Corrina Choe is offering a Shamanic Initiation into Ceremony Medicine program for those who want to weave ceremony into their personal practice or offerings. This powerful program will show you how to create ceremonies for healing the body and the soul, and connecting with the Spirit realm.

30 days of soul work with mara branscombe. This self-guided program by renowned yoga teacher Mara Branscombe teaches you to use breath, visualization, sacred ritual and mindfulness to support your personal growth. Mara is a fabulous teacher. Join any time.

release yourself program withn lea morrison. Led by trauma-informed coach Lea Morrison and yoga teacher Amy Skinner, this monthly membership and program offers weekly yoga and mindfulness practices, group coaching (ask them anything!) and many resources to support your wellness and healing journey. Lea is a dynamic teacher with a big personality, and she’s not afraid to get personal. Join any time.

we rise: 28 day meditation practice with natalie backman. Starting December 29th, 2020, this daily group meditation practice led by renowned yoga teacher Natalie Backman is available to help you start or deepen your meditation practice and embrace uncertainty (you may be familiar with uncertainty this year?) using meditation techniques that have been preserved and passed down through the Himalayan Tradition.


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