Cool, Quirky And Fun: How To Create A Games Room At Home

November 16, 2020

Most of us are spending an increasing amount of time at home. The Internet has brought the world to our doors, making it easily accessible with just a few taps on a keyboard. So many of the menial tasks we once had to take care of can now be done online so that venturing out on a cold and rainy day is no longer a necessity.

Even when it comes to work, employers are increasingly flexible. Recognizing the renewed importance and attractiveness of a work/life balance, most are trying to give their employees some control over how much time they spend in the office.

This means one thing: we’re now getting to spend more time at home than ever, so we ought to have a house that reflects this. It’s the perfect excuse to play around with room function and décor, and for those who really want to add an element of fun, we’re increasingly loving the idea of a games room.

If you’re feeling inspired, here are some ideas to help you create one.

getting the aesthetic right. When you’re choosing fresh décor for your home, you generally want to opt for something neutral and classy. Even if you decide to embrace a sense of individuality, you’ll still feel that the overall look should be artistic and adult.

When it comes to games rooms, however, the rulebook goes out the window. The very essence of the space should feel joyful and happy, encapsulating the sort of excitement you’d feel in a Vegas casino. This means statement colors are most definitely in. You can either opt for showy shades such as purple and peacock blue or go for dark, dramatic hues like burgundy, emerald green, navy, and even black.

Appropriate lighting is a must too because you want to create a space that feels dimly lit, mysterious, and slightly secretive. Look up the interiors of some of the world’s most famous casinos to get a feel for what we mean.

glamour and decadence. Once you’ve used colour and lighting to capture the right mood, you should try to recreate the decadence of bona fide casinos. This room should be seen as the ultimate luxury addition to your home, so in terms of furnishings, opt for dark wood and lots of gilding.

If you want to overhaul your flooring, we recommend ripping up the carpets. Substitute these for bare wooden floors that have been sanded, varnished, and covered with faux fur or oriental carpets. If you have an especially generous budget, you might even want to opt for beautiful, veined marble to create a sense of absolute opulence.

Don’t forget to add paintings and prints, ideally Victorian or earlier in terms of their aesthetic and style. If you want to hang them in gilded golden frames, even better.

let the games begin. Of course, the most important feature in any games room is the entertainment itself. Ideally, you want to give yourself lots of options, from a pool table to vintage pinball machines and arcade games.

Traditional forms of gambling, including many different card games, are increasingly popular. This trend has largely been driven by the rise and growth of the online industry, which offers a great way to get to grips with some of the games you might want to feature. If this is something you’d like to try, perhaps take a look at a few of the directory sites that are out there. As Bonus.ca explained in a blog post, these are a useful tool for finding any casino promotions that are currently running. With each online casino offering a different branding and look, this could give you inspiration for your future games room.

However, the piece de resistance for those with money to burn should be the Gameboard-1, a digital take on tabletop board games. Resembling an oversized tablet, this is thin, lightweight, portable, and perfectly designed for accommodating your every gaming need.

Equally, you could follow this instructional from Makezine.com and try to create your own version from scratch.

What will your room look like? Share your ideas and inspiration in the comments below!


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