Tasting Notes: Matt & Steve’s

November 16, 2020

We tested almost all of Matt & Steve’s products for you, including the pickled specialties, such as the pickled beans (“extreme beans”), the pickled asparagus (“asparagoos”) and the pickles (“pickle spears”).

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also tested the brand’s pre-made, canned Caesar (5.5 per cent alc./vol., made with the brine of the “extreme beans”) and caesar rimmer mix. If, like us, you never understood why clam juice is included in a certain tomato juice-based cocktail, you’ll be reassured when we remind you that the Caesar is the cocktail that does not include the mollusk sauce (FYI, the “Bloody Caesar” is the one with clam).

The brand was created by Matt and Steve, two guys from Canada. Did our boys make us proud? It is a resounding “yes” for us.

Our first impression of the pickled specialties is that they’re all very crunchy. We paired them with their caesar on one occasion, as well as a charcuterie and cheese platter on another. Both were a complete success. The robust flavours of the pickled specialties can pair with almost any platter of snacks and drinks. While we enjoyed the beans, we found the asparagus and pickles to be far better than those of the other “top” brands. That’s because Matt & Steve flavour the brine intensely. The result is a brand of pickled specialties that rivals a bowl of all-dressed chips. Our personal favourites were the pickles themselves, as they combine a great crunch with a very juicy bite. Of course, all of these pickled specialties are meant to fit perfectly into one place, and that’s into Matt & Steve’s ready-to-drink Caesar, in a glass adorned with their very own Caesar rimmer.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Matt & Steve’s Caesar is awesome as is. The flavours and alcohol content are well balanced. We are a bit puzzled about the fact that it comes in a can, but it’s a convenient receptacle for cocktail lovers on the go. We recommend that you hide the can from your guests, pour the contents in a glass adorned with Caesar rimmer and a few pickled specialties, and receive undeserved compliments for your bartending skills. But, if you truly want rave reviews, we suggest pouring an extra shot of vodka and a hint of lemon juice in, too.

What didn’t we like about this brand’s products? Not much. It’s a hit for us. Guillaume Garih



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