What The Cannabis Connoisseur Really Wants

November 19, 2020

Fact: cannabis connoisseurs know what’s good. This holiday, why not give your buddy (see what we did there?) something special. Something that puts the high into high-end. Something that, until recently, was only available on the illicit market.

We’re talking about cannabis extracts.

This year, we saw the second anniversary of legal weed in Canada—and though you might think heavy users celebrated by sparking a joint, the real aficionados are increasingly reaching for something more potent in the form of a cannabis extract.

Extracts offer unique attributes that dried flower (the stuff commonly rolled into joints) does not. In addition to a high that’s well-beyond, they offer easy, precise dosing and clean, refined flavours. In fact, extracts preserve the compounds in cannabis that matter most to the cannabis connoisseur.

And nobody knows this customer better than FUME Extracts, who have recently launched a collection of super-premium extracts aimed squarely at this niche customer, just in time for the holiday. So go beyond the bong (because let’s face it, they probably have one or five already) and treat them to something exceptional. A high holiday, indeed!

  • TR Signature Dark Helmet Flower Rosin is a limited-edition, single harvest, full-spectrum extract with deep earthy notes, balanced with a fresh citrussy sweetness.
  • Orange CKS Full Spectrum Oil boasts a sweet citrus aroma and robust cannabinoid profile. Full-on flavour with a solid entourage effect.
  • Black Cherry Punch Hash Rosin is a first-press water bubble hash, made with an uncompromising level of care to create an authentic, aromatic, and fresh extract.

How has legalization changed your attitudes toward cannabis? Let us know in the comments below! —Vita Daily


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