Target Ingrown Hairs, Body Breakouts And More With This Body Treatment

December 8, 2020

Adding to its repertoire of cult-favourite exfoliation products, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is launching its new Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment this holiday season. The treatment helps target keratosis pilaris, ingrown hairs, body breakouts, dryness, laxity and hyper-pigmentation.

This new product was born from the increasing number of people Dr. Gross was seeing come into his clinic wanting to improve the look of the skin on their bodies. Keratosis pilaris, in particular, affects almost 80 per cent of teens and 40 per cent of adults. And, nearly 60 per cent of people who experience acne get breakouts on their bodies as well. 

The fact is: the skin on our bodies is two to three times thicker than on the face. This means fewer pores and oil glands, both things that make the skin more prone to dryness. Thicker skin, thicker problems, right? While it would be too harsh for the skin on our faces, the chemical exfoliants found in the Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment are perfect for the body’s thicker skin. Best used two to three times a week, the treatment sloughs off dead skin with a mix of both physical (with the textured waffle towel) and chemical (bakuchiol and enzymes) exfoliants, all while delivering an amped-up dose of hydration in the form of hyaluronic and lactic acids. What you end up with is firmer, glowing, and more even skin. 

While peels are always a two-step process (acid then neutralizer), the Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment is an easy one-step action because the relative concentration of the acids, compared to the thicker skin of our body is less than that on the more delicate skin of our faces. Simply put, the thicker skin on our bodies can handle the super exfoliation. As for application, Dr. Gross recommends that the towelettes are first used folded, moving evenly across the areas you want to target. Then as the towel begins to dry, unfold and continue massaging upward in circular motions until completely dry.

The body treatment is available for purchase on today, and in stores from January 1st, 2021. —Alice Chen


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