5 Kitchen Gadgets To Gift This Christmas

December 9, 2020

Remember when giving a kitchen gadget as a gift was considered, well, in poor taste (pun intended)? Things have certainly changed, with cooking tools going from “good grief” to “gotta have!” Here are our top suggestions for gift-able kitchen gadgets to “stir up” the best kind of reaction on Christmas morning. —Vita Daily

This handheld device from FoodSaver is the perfect gift for the meal planners in your life—especially those who live in condos or have limited freezer storage space. Taking up minimal counter space (and with a built-in cord-management system, to boot), the FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer ($35 in store and online at Canadian Tire) quietly seals up to 60 FoodSaver quart bags with just one full 24-hour charge. The output: vacuum sealing keeps food fresh up to five times longer than ordinary storage methods (think zipper bags, foil, plastic wrap and containers), helps save money by encouraging buying in bulk, buying on sale and preventing waste and saves time—it marinates in minutes instead of hours and is perfect for cook ahead-batch cooking and meal planning! Pro tip: the FoodSaver 1-Quart Zipper Bags make the perfect accompaniment to this device.

Here’s a handy gift-able gadget that will make their hearts skip a beat! KitchenAid’s 7 Speed Cordless Hand Mixer ($180) is designed with a powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery to deliver optimal runtime and performance without a pesky tether, so cooking can happen wherever, whatever, and however the chef chooses. We like it, for Christmas, in this merry, cherry red.

For the environmentally minded home cook (and really, that should include everyone by now, right?), Vitamix’s newest launch, the FoodCycler ($500), transforms food scraps into fertilizer and reduces food waste.

Believe it or not, the common toaster has become a covetable countertop item! As seen on plenty of Instagram feeds, the Smeg toaster combines ergonomics, functionality and aesthetic balance. Breakfast, lunch, brunch or snack—your loved ones will find every excuse to use this ’50s-style stunner.

Finally, we arrive at the top tier of counter (kitchen, that is) couture. This Smeg x Dolce & Gabbana citrus juicer ($800) boasts irresistible vintage style and vibrant colouration. This juicer features a universal stainless-steel strainer and reamer and powerful motor with built-in sensor with pressure activation. Plus, it really is the right gift in a year that’s given us more than our fair share of lemons …


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