2 Tried-And-True Holiday Hair Looks

December 15, 2020

OK, so your fam and friends may only see them via Zoom, but these DIY holiday hair looks, courtesy of Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Bridget Brager, are still perfect for putting you in a festive mood. —Vita Daily

side part and curls. “Prep hair with Herbal Essences Hemp Seed Oil + Aloe Hair Oil Mist. Mist roots to ends to add moisture, shine and most
importantly for this style, to protect the hair from hot tools. Once hair is dry, choose your side part. When creating a side part, a good guide is using your eyebrows as a point of reference. A deep side part- the end or tail of your brow. Mid side part: the highest point of your brow. And a mini side part: where your brow starts. Use a tail comb for the most precise part. Once you find your parting and hair is dry, brush everything into place. Next use a 1-1/4-inch T3 curling iron. Take 1-1/4 sections of hair holding your iron vertical, 2 inches away from the scalp, and wrap hair away from the face. Once you curl each section, drop the curl and let it cool. Do this all the way around the head. When all the curls are cool, spray hairspray on a flat, boat bristle brush and brush the hair roots to ends to shape your curls into place. To finish, use a dime-size amount of Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hair Gel, emulsify in hands and smooth over hair knocking down any fly always. One more spray of hairspray and you are set! Beautiful smooth curls that will lay all day!”

sarah paulson’s flatiron waves and headband. “Note: Head bands dress up any outfit—they look extra fancy on a family Zoom call! On dry hair, create a middle part. Using a T3 Heat ID flatiron, spray 1-inch horizontal sections of hair with hairspray, brushing hairspray through so it is not wet. Now grab your flatiron and starting 2 inches away from scalp, hold your flat iron horizontally and begin to scope the flat iron down and then up, go down the lengths of the section. Continue all the way around the head. Scrunch a dime-sized amount of Herbal Essences Mango & Aloe Curl Cream into the hair to add separation and protection. Next, spray dry shampoo through the lengths for perfectly “piece-y” flatiron waves. Pick your favourite headband! Set it in and tuck one side of the hair away. So chic!”


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