5 Easy Exercises To Get You Through The Holiday Season

December 15, 2020

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re sharing five easy exercises to help boost your energy and keep your body fit, so that you can move from one festive meal to another. Curated by Ingrid Knight-Cohee, a personal trainer and fitness class director at Fitness World, these moves are simple, require no equipment and, most importantly, can be done safely from the gym or the comfort of your home! —Vita Daily

the cross squat. Start in a standing position. Take one leg, cross it behind your forward leg, and tap it back to your starting point. Keep your chest up and drive your hips back. Switch legs and repeat. This exercise is great for your glutes and quads. Applicable to winter sports like skiing and skating!

the modified burpee. Start in a standing position. Do a deep squat, ensure your knees are over your toes. Now, plant your hands on the
floor in front of you. Step back into a plank, step forward back to a squat and stand. Repeat. This exercise helps give you a quick and easy full-body workout.

the plank with variations. Start with a regular plank position with hands on the ground, directly under your shoulders and your toes ground into the floor. Lower your knees to the floor, and lower your arms to your elbows. For more intensity, extend your legs one at a time or step your legs out to the side-to-side, one at a time. The ultimate core burner, this exercise is also good for shoulders, arms and glutes.

the sky diver. Lie on your stomach, and extend your limbs and float your arms and legs off the ground. Hold. Rest and recover. Repeat.
This exercise is great for those who drive for work or are on their computers all day as it engages the posterior chain (lower back and glutes).

the bicycle crunch. Lie on your back, tuck your knees into your chest, support your head gently with your fingertips, extend one leg out, and rotate your elbow towards the opposite knee. Switch and repeat.
You get a lot out of this one exercise as it recruits the maximum number of abdominal muscles.


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