Q&A With Two B.C. Beauty Brand Bosses

December 15, 2020

We recently covered the launch of a new pro clean makeup kit that was born from a collaboration between two B.C.-born-and-bred beauty brands. Below, we chat with Missy MacKintosh of MisMack Clean Cosmetics and Suzanne Carter of MYO Cosmetic Cases to learn more! —Vita Daily

Hi Missy and Suzanne! Please tell us a bit about your brands to start.

Suzanne: M·Y·O (Makeup Your Own) Cosmetic Cases is an eco-conscious beauty brand offering pro COVID-safe and consumer zero-waste cosmetic cases. Our hero product is a palm-sized customizable magnetic refill-reuse makeup system. We are on a mission to reduce cosmetic packaging waste while increasing makeup organization. Our M·Y·O Cosmetic Case is reducing cosmetic packaging waste by encouraging the purchase of single refill pan makeup, from many popular brands, to refill and reuse your case constantly.

Missy: I’m an internationally acclaimed makeup artist with over 15 years of experience. In 2016 I fell in love with clean, Canada-made beauty products but could not find clean makeup that held up to my professional standards. So, I created it working directly with a female Canadian chemist. The result, MisMacK Clean Cosmetics, is the most innovative, professional, performing, award-winning, Canadian-made, clean makeup line to hit the market. We’re a small but mighty line and the master of multi-purpose products, eliminating wasteful products from your makeup bags.

When, how and why did you two B.C. gals connect?

Suzanne: When I learned about MisMacK Clean Cosmetics, with multi-use clean makeup, also made in Canada, I had to reach out! Sharing missions, to reduce cosmetic packaging waste and increase makeup organization, we were destined to cross paths!

Missy: I learned about MYO by her reaching out to me through Instagram. We connected right away. I absolutely love MYO’s cases and watch her build her company has been an inspiration to me. MYO’s values and integrity lined right up with ours. As we are both Solo Female Entrepreneurs it’s so great to connect and help each other along this journey. 

Tell us about the limited-edition Face in a Case that you recently collaborated on.

Suzanne: We are so excited to be collaborating with each other—two B.C female solo entrepreneurs, who’ve came together during a pandemic to create the ultimate conscious beauty product. With M·Y·O Cosmetic cases accommodating multiple types of makeup and MisMack Clean Cosmetics multi-purpose makeup, you can truly curate a full Face in a Case! We designed these two amazing sustainable clean beauty sets for an easy, stress-free holiday (and everyday) makeup routine that looks great on every skin tone. 

Missy: These sets are perfect for MUAs wanting to minimize their makeup kit and the everyday person looking to add eco-conscious clean beauty into their routine. We’ve made clean makeup easier! You’ll be amazed at how many looks you’ll be able to create with your Face in a Case. 

Missy, we need to know more about your biodegradable glitter, please!

I’m so proud to say that MisMacK is the first brand in Canada to release a biodegradable glitter to the retail world. Traditional glitter is made of micro plastics and scientist are working hard to push a worldwide ban. Remember micro beads? Traditional glitter is classified as the same. The particles are too small to filter out of the waterways and they are hurting our aquamarine life. I’m personally an avid glitter lover and when I found out about this my heart sunk. After much hunting I could not find a Canadian brand offering an eco-friendly option. I knew we had to be the first and I’m so proud to say that we are. GlitterEnvi, which stands for environmentally friendly glitter, consists of five corn-starch-based glitters and one wood palp. Micro organisms in the earth eat away at them, breaking them down. Once composting starts it takes about nine months for them to fully degrade.

And Suzanne, what makes your makeup cases COVID-friendly? 

For pros, makeup artists can put touchup amounts of makeup in our individual M·Y·O Makeup Pods (small magnetic containers), reducing environmental exposure and keeping it safe and hygienic for actors/talent. As well, our M·Y·O Cosmetic Case and M·Y·O  Makeup Pods are made of materials that can be cleaned, sanitized, disinfected and sterilized, meeting industry’s net standards of COVID policies and procedures. With our Zero Waste Eco M·Y·O Cosmetic Case, consumers can curate a palette including pressed pan makeup of brow, shadow, cheek, foundation, and in our MYO Makeup Pods, creams, liquids, powders, eye lashes, mints and more.

We may not have parties to attend this holiday season, but will you be glamming up at home regardless?!

Suzanne: Yes! During this year’s holiday season, there is nothing I want more than a reason to celebrate! I will definitely be glamming it up with my MisMacK Cloud 9 Face in a Case complete with MisMacK’s sparkling Diamonds GlitterEnvi!  I am so ready to celebrate, reflecting on the good moments in 2020 and excited for 2021. 

Missy: Heck yes! There’s no better time to bust out your Face in a Case (my go-to is Perfect Romance), add some GlitterEnvi, and get all those empowerment feelings flowing this holiday season.


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