2021 Hair Colour Trends From Color Space Co-Founder Lupe Voss

January 6, 2021

A new year means new beginnings. For some people this could look like organization, new habits or perhaps a new hair colour. And, when it comes to the latter, “The trends right now are very reflective of what is happening in the world and peoples lives,” according to Lupe Voss, co-founder and lead colourist at pro hair-colour line Color Space, which will launch in salons across Canada on January 11! From very low-key for less maintenance to the complete opposite with people looking to experiment with energetic shades for a sense of optimism, here are Lupe breaks down the biggest hair colour trends for this year below. —Vita Daily

lived-in colour like chrissy teigen. For consumers looking for a low-maintenance look with added dimension, natural looking colour with high contrast levels will be in high demand. Moving away from platinum and toward darker blondes to help prolong the time between salon visits.

bold highlighting like jennifer lopez. A nod to the 1990s and longing for the feeling of nostalgia—bold highlights in bold primary or natural hues are about to make a huge comeback.

rouge like anya taylor-joy. Already on the up in 2020 and further inspired by Queen’s Gambit, red shades continue to take centre stage in 2021. From natural auburn to brilliant punchy copper finishes, light coppers with a yellow reflection will provide a sleek and sophisticated look.

energetic shades like ciara and billie eilish. With salons closed, everyone has the experimental bug. Fashion colours from brilliant, to smokey and electric—everything goes and the bolder, the better!


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