The First Full Moon And Mercury Retrograde of 2021

January 16, 2021

Bad luck and strange occurrences are often blamed on a full moon, but what is a full moon exactly and what does the one coming up on January 28th, 2021, have in the cards for you?

A full moon is when the sun and the moon are in the exact opposite position within the zodiac. Full moons are often linked to endings, culminations and extreme emotional energy. This upcoming full moon is not only the first full moon of the year, but it’s a full moon in Leo, the sign of creativity, connection and fun! You may find yourself more connected to your creativity and less drawn to work and yearning for more fun. Now is the time to express yourself. Channel your own Leo energy and pursue your passions with confidence.

Leo moons are also prone to leave us to want to strengthen our relationships with others.Because Leos love a spotlight, you may find yourself with a strong urge to tell loved ones how you feel but you may also be more sensitive than usual wanting to make sure your ego doesn’t get bruised. Those born under a Leo moon are believed to exhibit charismatic traits, such as being headstrong, ambitious and independent and a full moon in Leo allows for everyone to channel that energy.

Tread carefully though; shortly after the full moon we enter 2021’s first Mercury retrograde (starting January 30th and ending February 20th). Prepare yourself for a shift into a higher likelihood of miscommunications, meltdowns and mishaps. Occurring three to four times per year, Mercury retrograde is when Mercury appears to travel backward in the sky. According to Roman mythology, Mercury serves as a messenger with strong communication skills. This time period is when you should choose your words carefully, check and double check your work and be mindful of Freudian slips. Worry not, Mercury retrogrades come and go, and once you get through this one the next won’t be until the end of May.

Our astrological advice: use the upcoming weeks to focus on channeling your inner lion to pursue your goals fearlessly, just leave time to spell check that email or text before you hit send. —Vicki Duong


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