Easy, Freezie, Delicious

February 3, 2021

Working from home has done a number on our diets; we’re stuck on uninspiring salads and sandwiches, and boredom snacking all day long. Enter Evive, the Quebec company that specializes in vegan, gluten-free frozen smoothies and meals that take minutes to prepare, fill you up, and taste divine.

How it works: The dishes come frozen into plastic “wheels” divided into triangles. Pop out either half or a whole wheel, depending on what portion size you want. Meals such as mac and “cheese” and chili can be combined with water to make soup, or served with a side. Mix superfood smoothies in flavours such as raspberry, strawberry and chia seed with water, juice or almond milk and blend or leave them to defrost for 20 minutes.

Unprepossessing in the packet, we were surprised at how delicious they looked and tasted when they were prepped. Bam Chili and Tom Thai were particular winners, packed with flavour and texture thanks to plenty of herbs and spices and ingredients like edamame beans and sweetcorn. They were easy to prepare, so perfect for a quick lunch or dinner, filling, and healthy. The brand has also just launched pre-cooked sides (gluten-free macaroni, quinoa and cauliflower rice) to make things even simpler.

“We definitely saw an increase in people looking for healthier options since the start of the pandemic, and we are glad we can be part of this,” says Evive founder Claudia Poulin. “Our community is always growing and we love being part of the everyday life of so many Canadians.”

The downside of Evive is that its dishes come in single-use plastic, though all of this is recyclable. But that doesn’t mean the company isn’t doing its best for the environment. “Our biggest initiative when it comes to sustainability is the fact that our unique concept is zero waste,” says Poulin. “We waste zero fruits and ingredients and use 100 per cent of what we purchase for the production of our products. This has a positive impact on the environment, especially in relation to food waste and transport. Our initiatives include our Evive forests (our first one has already been planted), our recyclable packaging that includes two box formats that use a compostable hemp liner, as well as new compostable packaging for our pre-cooked sides.”

You can find the products in grocery stores across Canada, but we’re opting for the subscription box: 12, 24 or 36 portions shipped to our front door, so we can always have a freezer stocked with food that’s simply delicious. —Aileen Lalor



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