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Here’s Why The Choice For Glasses In February Is Clearly

February 15, 2021

With us spending more time staring at screens, keeping our eyes healthy has become more important to prioritize than ever. Thankfully, our friends at Clearly have a range of frames and lenses for those looking to upgrade their spectacles.

For digital protection (read: all the time on our computer and phones), opting for lenses that protect from blue light exposure make for an easy upgrade, while sunglasses can be made tinted, mirrored, or polarized with 100 per cent UV protection. Another reason why we love shopping with Clearly is to support their Buy One, Give One program. As part of their mission to eradicate poor vision throughout the world, for every pair purchased Clearly donates a pair to the Essilor Vision Foundation. Clearly has committed to donating close to half a million pairs of glasses worldwide.

Plus, for the remainder of February, Clearly is offering 40 per cent on-site lens upgrades on all glasses purchases including blue light lens, progressives, sunglass lenses and more!


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