March Influencer: Sharla Farrell

March 1, 2021

Our featured Canadian influencer this month is Sharla Farrell, whose March pick in VITA is a work-from-home must-have! Read all about Sharla below, and watch for more fabulous influencer insights in the coming months! —Vita Daily

Hi Sharla! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

Hi! My name is Sharla, and I am the founder and CEO of Easy Consulting Studio, a Vancouver-based PR, communications and digital marketing agency. Easy Consulting works with brands to develop creative stories and solutions that speak to the right audiences. I love connecting brands with content creators to build and execute memorable influencer campaigns. I am also an advocate for diversity and inclusion for Black women and BIPOC representation in the public relations industry. Aside from that, I am fashion/tech/internet culture obsessed. I love a good trending topic.

How do you use your platform to impact those who follow you?

As one of few Black leaders in the Canadian public relations and digital marketing space, Easy Consulting Studio is leaning into opportunities and activities that will transform the industry’s diversity and inclusion at large. The public relations industry should be held accountable for bringing awareness of the value of diversity and, more importantly, inclusion, teams and professional organizations. Through Easy Consulting’s social media and our day-to-day, we do our best to educate and create a space that showcases diversity through our clients, experiences and partnerships.

What’s your personal style mantra/philosophy?

I am all about expressing myself through my fashion choices. I’ll never limit myself to one aesthetic because my personal style is always evolving. For me, I get dressed based on how I’m feeling in the mornings. Most days, I wake up and want to get dressed for comfort, so I’ll throw on a matching sweatsuit or an oversized silhouette with sneakers. I find that I gravitate toward more easy-going, romantic looks in the summer. I’m open to every era and every trend, as long as it calls to me stylistically.

Are you working from home these days? How’s that going?

As a freelance consultant, I worked from home before the pandemic. However, I had the opportunity to change my scenery, go to coffee shops, connect with other entrepreneurs in-person and get some inspiration. I think, like most people who are also WFH for the past year, I have hit a pandemic wall. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to be safely in workspaces once again.

What does your WFH situation/set up look like? Any tips for other WFH-ers, in terms of creating a space/environment conducive to actually working (especially with that TV calling, and the fridge, like RIGHT THERE)?!

I am lucky enough to have space in my apartment to create a “makeshift office” in my living room. I have the office essentials: an ergonomic office chair, keyboard, mouse and laptop stand. If you asked me a year ago if I needed these essentials, I probably would have laughed and said it wasn’t necessary. Now I firmly believe in good desk health—the right equipment and physical setup are critical for maximum productivity. I also try my best to recreate the separation between work and home, so I “leave” my workspace at the end of my day. It’s always tempting but do not work from bed! If you let your work life creep into your sanctuary or sleep zone, it makes it harder to separate work from your home life.

What’s your top WFH product pick?

I find joy in lighting a candle at my desk during the day while I’m working. It helps improve my mood and alleviate stress. I also find that candles can transport you through the power of scent, which is great when I’m daydreaming about a beach vacation in-between meetings. I am currently obsessed with the mellow and smooth vibe of Homecoming Candles Sandalwood Smoke Candle ($65). This candle is a new release from the brand’s Gradient Collection. They’re Vancouver-based, too!

Truth time: do you dress up for your daily WFH or stay in PJs? Or is your WFH OOTD somewhere in-between?

I usually have daily Zoom meetings, so I like to get dressed up. At the very least, it’ll be from the waist up. Recreating a workspace also means “dressing for the office,” so sometimes I’ll do a full look just to inspire myself. However, when the WFH day is over, I promptly switch from my office look to loungewear.

Follow Sharla on Instagram here and here.


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