Millions Of YouTube Subscribers And Now A Hair-Care Brand

March 2, 2021

With more than 5 million Youtube subscribers, Mindy McKnight has become a powerful voice in the beauty industry. Her hair-care brand, Hairitage, has quickly gained a loyal following, too, thanks to its clean ingredients, cute packaging and excellent price point. We chatted with Mindy about Hairitage’s recent launch in Canada, and to learn more about her family-run business. —Lyndi Barrett

Hi Mindy! Congratulations on launching Hairitage in Canada. Tell us about your hair-care brand.

Hairitage is a hair-care brand that truly encompasses the needs of every hair type and texture. A brand that is inclusive of everyone and every family and made with efficacious and natural formulations … all for an affordable price. Hairitage is the only hair brand that is listening to the diverse needs of today’s families and answering it!

We love the Hairitage family tree logo, and how involved everyone is in the business! How has your family changed the way you approach the products you create?

Honestly, it all started with my family! We are a family of eight, which means we have eight heads of diverse hair types and textures. We have tried every product under the sun, recorded hundreds of videos and created countless hair tutorials. However, I quickly realized that I was spending too much money and time “on the hunt” for products that worked and was safe for all members of my family. So now, any time we work on product development, I keep diverse hair types and safe, clean formulas top of mind. Any product I launch is a product I’d happily use on myself or my family.

You have a very loyal fan based through your social media channels. What is your favourite part of the relationship you’ve built with your audience?

My favourite part about the relationship I have built with my audience is that they are always willing to give me quick and honest feedback. I am always asking them questions about what types of products they are looking for, what their hair needs are, etc. Our new Pass on the Brass Purple Shampoo was developed and launched because of all the requests I got for a clean and affordable purple shampoo!

The price point for your products is so great. What compelled you to create a budget friendly brand?

I am a mom and know it’s not always realistic to spend $25 on a hair or beauty product, especially when you have a family. However, clean and effective hair care is so important, and when I was looking for hair care that was affordable, made from clean ingredients, and actually worked … I could not find it. So as I developed the brand, price point was something I put and will always continue to put a huge emphasis on. 

Your fave current (and perhaps quarantine-friendly) hairstyle is … ?

Right now I am all about heatless curls! Whether it is applying Ahead of the Curl Curl Creme in my hair to enhance my natural curls or putting a braid in my hair with some Strength Training Leave-In Pudding for a protective style, all I have to do is run my fingers through my hair in the morning and I am ready for my Zoom meeting.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what one Hairitage product would you insist on having with you and why?

Without a doubt, I would HAVE to have our best-selling Outta My Hair Gentle Daily Shampoo. Can’t have greasy hair when I am rescued!


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