4 New Hobbies You Can Start Right Now

March 15, 2021

Although vaccines are rolling out and we’re starting to see the glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we’re still spending a lot of time at home. For those who live alone, it may be even harder to endure the constant isolation. There’s only so much Netflix-binging and baking bread we can do! While it may sound cliché or corny or out of your normal comfort zone, trying something new could be the antidote you need to stave off boredom. In fact, it’s a proven fact that those who spend time doing arts or other handiwork are happier in general. So, check out these four new hobbies you can start right now! —Jennifer Cox

sewing. This is a vast area of crafting and can be honed in on your skill level, patience level and budget. For those who want to simply foray into sewing, cross-stitching kits can be a great way to test out your abilities, as can latch hook kits. For more adventurous sewers, needlework requires a bit more precision but is a really fun way to be creative.

watercolour painting. Watercolours are easy to work with, and it can be a relatively inexpensive art form to invest in: all you need is a watercolour set and some brushes (which can be purchased on Amazon or local craft store) and a few dollar-store canvases. Pick up a step-by-step watercolour painting book, or watch a few videos on Facebook, to get some basic technique tips. Bonus points: Host a virtual paint night with friends and all work on your watercolour creations together in real-time. Extra credit if there’s wine!

pyrography. This craft requires one tool: a soldering iron. You can find affordable options that include the main iron as well as different tips, from thick and thin pointed tips to letters and symbols. From there, you can create a wide range of unique wood pieces, such as signs, portraits, keychains, and more. Practice on scrap wood or work on wood canvases. Use the internet to find video tutorials on stroke techniques.

shadowboxes. No one really scrapbooks anymore since the digital age took over. However, that doesn’t mean we still can’t display mementos and other keepsakes we hold close to our hearts. Shadowboxes are a fun way to put together a collection of memorabilia and photos so that you can always remember a special day or time in your life. And because there’s lots of room in a memory box, you can get super creative with the visuals you include and the way in which you choose to arrange them.


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