Wine Chez Vous

March 18, 2021

Working from home is not always easy, and these last dozen months have tested the resolve of a large number of people, thrust into the throes of home offices and virtual colleagues. From the turmoil of 2020, however, grew one deliciously wine-related success story that serves not only as an example of a working- from-home woman who ran with an idea that really landed with her community, but also as a delightful offering to help you elevate your at- home experience—whether you work there or not.

Apéro Chez Vous is a wine- delivery membership service that blossomed out of the constraints of Covid. It is owned and operated by Maude Renaud-Brisson—a local and beloved wine pro known for her contagious affection for vino and the stories each bottle contains. Her company, Apéro Mode, was founded in 2019 and helped expose Vancouver to the French apéro (Renaud-Brisson hails from Quebec), a social pause between work and dinner in which to unwind and enjoy a drink. Apéro Nights was an immediate hit, filling pop-up locations with winos savouring really interesting sips. It had just gained serious traction when coronavirus hit, and the world turned inwards.

She took little more than a pause before redirecting her efforts toward bringing Apéro to individual homes with Apéro Chez Vous—curated boxes of wines delivered to your door, paired with notes and a Zoom date to enjoy alongside Renaud- Brisson herself, featured winemakers or sommeliers, and others who purchased the same box. In such a time of unknowns, these brief and tasty moments of connection were a godsend to many, and the boxes quickly sold out each month.

What sets Apéro Chez Vous apart is an extremely personal touch, which promptly translates into an actual wine experience in your home. Each box contains four wines, always thoughtfully selected, with a focus on sustainability and quality. The Apéro branding is catchy and endearing, and Maude’s attention to detail never fails to impress, with detailed notes and stories that give you genuine personal insight into the makers and shakers of the wine world.

Most importantly, she recently announced delivery across all of B.C. We know how important it is to support local but, in this case, Apéro Chez Vous actually serves to support you. We have all spent an inordinate amount of time at home, and now you can unwind with your own rendition of apéro at home. Take the pause and sip the wine; you’ve earned it. —Laura Starr



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