3 Drink Options That Will Help You Extend Your Healthier 2021 Vibes

April 5, 2021

Did you, like us, commit to making more informed choices about wellness at the start of the year? We took a good look at our habits and where we could make some updates without missing out on the things we enjoy—like wine!

We found a few wine and cider options that, despite boasting less sugar, less alcohol and/or fewer calories, pack all the flavour and freshness we expect to find in our bevvies. Below, are three of our favourite drink options that help us stay on track into the spring and summer months.

Watching your sugar?

BASK wine is a great choice! BASK offers zero grams of sugar per glass (188mL) and—get this—includes the nutritional information directly on the bottle, making it easy to choose a wine that fits our healthier habits. BASK is available in three varietals: a Pinot Noir which boasts aromas of dark cherry with subtle notes of spice, a fresh citrus-y Sauvignon Blanc with lingering grapefruit flavours and a Crisp Rosé that features subtle aromas of strawberry and peach. A great option to wine down at the end of the day with a little bit less guilt!

Reducing your alcohol consumption?

Did you know Canadian award-winning winery Jackson-Triggs offers a lower-alcohol wine that doesn’t compromise on flavour? Jackson-Triggs Proprietors Selection Light gives us a choice of three classic varietals at only 8% ABV each. Their Cabernet Sauvignon features flavours of dark fruit, candied berries and a hint of cedar, the Pinot Grigio reminds us of fresh melon and fig, and their Rosé has classic aromas and flavours of strawberry and tropical fruit. Any of these options make a great companion to your Saturday afternoon snack.

Sparkling new option for cider lovers

When we think refreshment, we think Growers Sparkling Spritz a brand new take on one of Canada’s original ciders. Mixed with a splash of sparkling water and luscious fruit and floral flavours, this new blend is perfect to add a little sparkle to your next picnic. Growers offers two flavours of this refreshing spritz which has 90 calories and just 1g of sugar per serving (355ml).  Growers Sparkling Spritz Watermelon Lavender balances that familiar crisp cider taste with a fruity splash of watermelon and fragrant notes of lavender, while Growers Sparkling Spritz Peach Orange Blossom tickles your taste buds with fresh fruity notes. Both are lightly carbonated and great companions to your patio weather fantasies. 

“Knowing that wellness is top of mind for Canadians, we wanted to make it simple for them to choose beverage options that fit within their lifestyle without losing out on flavour,” says Melanie Armstrong, VP of Innovation at Arterra Wines Canada. 

With delicious options like these, now that’s something we’ll definitely “cheers” to! —Vita Daily

Here’s where you can find these beverages for purchase:

  • BASK—available at BCLS in British Columbia and wherever wine is sold at select retailers in Alberta for around $12 per bottle.
  • Jackson-Triggs Proprietors Selection Light—available at jacksontriggswinery.com, greatestatesokanagan.com, at BCLS in British Columbia and where wine is sold at select retailers in Alberta for around $10 per bottle
  • Growers Cider Light—available at BCLS in British Columbia and wherever wine is sold at select retailers in Alberta for around $3 per can.
  • Growers Sparkling Spritz—available at BCLS in British Columbia for around $3 a can.


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