Sun Safety Made Clear

April 6, 2021

Of course we want to stay sun safe as the summer approaches, and we have tried every sunscreen you can think of. Now we come to our next big problem: how much of the bloody stuff are we supposed to use?

We’ve heard varying things—a finger length for each body part or a shotglass full—but we’re never quite sure we’re doing it right. Enter SPOTMYUV (US$8 for a pack of six), a sticker that you adhere to an exposed body part such as the forearm, and then apply any sunscreen as you normally would. When you have the right amount, the SPOT turns from purple to clear. As you spend time in the sun, the SPOT will let you know when your protection has waned by turning purple again, so you know it’s time to reapply.

Each sticker will last you a day, and they’re latex free hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and suitable for kids. Talk about a sticky, sun-safe summer. —Aileen Lalor


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