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Five Earth Day Tips To Ecofy Your Bathroom

April 12, 2021

Approaching Earth Day (and really, always), we’re looking for ways to adopt a more-sustainable lifestyle—but wonder if going green be easy and affordable? Melanie McVean, co-founder of Canadian-made natural, aluminum-free, and cruelty-free deodorant No Pong, says yes! Below, we got Melanie’s top five swaps to ecofy your bathroom in time for Earth Day. —Vita Daily

tip 1: swap out the usual plastic suspects. Across the board there are easy changes to be made to reduce the plastic in your bathroom. Use a bar of soap instead of body wash, swap out your disposable plastic razor for an electric one, and trade your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. These eco-friendly swaps won’t just save the planet, they’ll save you money. To play their part in reducing disposable plastics, No Pong tins are made from “tinplate”—a material combining tin and steel that is fully recyclable.

tip 2: buy green products. Natural beauty care products have grown in popularity, and consumers now have a range of options for green makeup, moisturizers, body wash and more. “It’s especially important to consider what products are being used on sensitive areas of your body, such as eyes, lips or underarms,” says Melanie. “With all the effort we put into what we eat, it makes no sense to turn around and use products filled with chemicals, parabens and artificial colours.”

tip 3: do your eco research. Not all natural products are created equal, so be sure to read the ingredients. Make sure you familiarize yourself with natural, sustainable, and renewable ingredients, and never be afraid to ask a brand about their ingredient sourcing policy. Made from all-natural ingredients that work together, neutralizing odour rather than blocking pores, No Pong deodorants are designed to absorb sweat while allowing your skin to breathe.

tip 4: push pause on the power. Anything that uses heat requires power, so why not towel or air dry your hair, and cut back on appliances like hair dryers, straighteners or curlers. Many Canadians did this during our stay-at-home periods, resulting in major energy savings. Keep it up!

tip 5: a cute recycling bin belongs in your bathroom! We all say we do it, and we all have the right intentions, but recycling is easier said than done. Convenience is everything, so by placing a small recycling bin in your bathroom, you’ll find yourself using it more often. If you’re not sold on switching from single use plastics or aerosol cans, consider a dedicated recycling bin (once you’ve cleaned out and emptied the contents!) to put your spent recyclables into.


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