Finally! Glasses That Won’t Fog Up On You

April 14, 2021

If you wear glasses, it’s a new reality of the new masked reality: fogged up glasses. Fortunately, our pals at Clearly have just launched their anti-fog glasses to solve this problem once and for all! The new line of anti-fog eyeglasses ensure that you can wear your fave frames with a protective face covering and not worry about fogging up. Read all about them below! —Vita Daily

what they are. Anti-fog Lenses prevent your glasses from fogging up, so you can wear your glasses with a mask or other face covering and avoid that annoying, steamed-up effect. They’re quick to clear (and stay clear), for fog-free vision all day long.

how they work. They may look like regular glasses, but there’s some clever tech hidden in these Anti-fog Lenses. When your glasses are made, a coating is applied to the surface of the lens, which quickly clears the condensation that blocks your vision when your glasses experience a change in temperature.

wear and care. Anti-fog Lenses are a great option if you wear a mask for long periods of time, or if your glasses tend to fog up when you put on a face covering. To keep them working effectively, they should be wiped daily (only with your microfibre glasses cloth) and cleaned weekly by wetting your cloth with lukewarm water.

add them to any frames. Compatible with lower prescriptions, including 1.50 and 1.59 indices across Clearkly’s range of single vision, progressives and premium progressives. Simply choose your frames, enter your prescription, select Anti-fog Lenses and you’re fog-free and golden!


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