7 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Actually Use

April 21, 2021

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and, while moms love getting flowers and homemade construction-paper cards, let’s be honest: there are certain things moms really want that will make a better impression than a “World’s Greatest Mom” mug. We want something useful and handy that actually help us do our job of “mom.” So, we asked moms: what would you want for Mother’s Day that you would actually use? Here’s what they told us. —Jennifer Cox

a gift card for clothes/shoes. Moms spend a lot of time outfitting their kiddos but not a lot of time on themselves. A gift card for clothes or shoes gives us a great excuse for some retail therapy, and in the process, we can check off a few to-dos we’ve been putting off.

a day alone. This won’t cost a dime! Husbands and dads: most moms will agree that a few uninterrupted hours of alone time is better than anything with a price tag. Take the kids out for the afternoon: grab them some lunch, hit a park, and don’t forget the sunscreen and water. And leave mom with the house to herself.

robotic vacuum. For Mother’s Day, take a note from George Jetson and get your favourite mom a robotic vacuum. Yep, moms agree that if they didn’t have “vacuuming” on the chore list anymore, they’d be quite happy and content.

cleaning service. Instead of just one cleaning device, sign mom up to have a cleaning service come to her house every few weeks. It can be the gift that keeps on giving long after Mother’s Day.

subscription box. Does mama love makeup? Is she a foodie or chef? Maybe she’s an avid reader? There are subscription boxes for almost any pastime, passion, or hobby, so sign her up for a few months of surprises.

plants (not flowers). Forgo the usual bouquet and opt instead for something longer lasting. When asked what they wanted, moms chimed in and said they’d love a beautiful plant, such as a houseplant or even potted herbs.

meal kits. What’s one of the most tedious things about being a parent? Meal planning! Leave the guess work to the professionals and sign mama up for a few meal kits. You’ll get all the ingredients you need with easy-to-follow recipes delivered right to your front door. This gift will also cut down on the need to grocery shop.

professional organizer. One thing moms said over and over: I want to get organized! Give your favourite mother the gift of home tidiness by booking a few hours of time with a professional organizer. They can help get stubborn cabinets, overstuffed closets, and messy pantries in tip-top shape.


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